The New Space Race: Cryptocurrencies Moon Landing

Some of the greatest technical and entrepreneurial minds around the world are involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. They see the crypto reality revolutionizing communications alongside global economies. Crypoto’s touch will be present everywhere. To many this is apparent, and with the sovereignties of countries at stake there is much resistance to the crypto future. With faster payment processing, public transactional oversight, a decentralized secured ledger, and privacy protection, financial pillars are concerned.

Change is coming, if not already here.

However, there are others who see this as a brand-new opportunity for financial freedom and independence. Concepts such as open source and decentralization are finding their way into our daily digital worlds. The technology is here, and the new processes are now revealing themselves.

Savvy minded people will have much to gain. Many are ‘heading west’ for the gold rush. With innovation comes brand new opportunities, you are either protecting your institution or building the new one. Currently, we are witnessing some of the world’s largest hacks and cyber attacks ever seen in the crypto space, with both ethical and nonethical hackers trying to out-develop each other. This balance is critical for the growth and success of the landscape. It appears that crypto is worth fighting for.

The world has changed. Can we come together now to connect the new dots?

Maria Tomaino, VP of Communications for Vitae, a social rewards site opening soon. Visit to learn more.