Analyzing Creative Chain ($CREA)

The panic has been unleashed again. Poloniex is covered in blood. But don’t worry, there’s a ray of hope! And I’m not talking about Bittrex but about Cryptopia. This exchange has become a new gold mine that Poloniex was a couple of months ago.

A market that stays out of speculation, where the projects move thanks to commitment of mid- and long-term investments. The market where the opportunities for generating profits are multiplying compared to any other exchange. While almost every Poloniex’s coin and almost every coin from Bittrex’s have had exponential growths of up to 41.900% (like in XEM’s case). In Cryptopia, most of the companies are in early stages. What we should do, is separating the chaff from the wheat and starting to accumulate tokens from those businesses with perspective and solidity.

One of those gems is Creative Chain ($CREA)

A decentralized platform designed to register and distribute content that certifies permanently the authorship and license of any creation, a transparent alternative for copyright management.

Thanks to blockchain P2P technology and smart contracts it can operate in a completely secure way, without involving a third party, saving expenses, time and bureaucracy. Among the features this platform has, what stands out is:

Moreover, it establishes a community that offers a whole coverage of every service and agents who participate in the creation and distribution process. The community is encouraged at the same time by a rewards and donations system.

Speaking of a team behind this phenomenon one shall mention that it’s composed of 13 members with a wide professional experience in the design, art and development.

The beta testnet will be launched in a few weeks and at the moment, it will become the focal point of many. That’s why right now it is a perfect moment to start accumulating positions (make sure that this sentence is finished). The first design of the platform has already been posted and it lives up to the expectations.

As it usually happens with almost every coin of Cryptopia the market cap is fairly small, in this case is just 765 BTC. Referring to the amount of tokens to this date 10.615.242 from 115.000.000 have been issued and they will be issued according to the next distribution chart:

We have found that the most important portfolios are distributed in a very equal manner. Taking into account that the first 16% of the total is probably owned by Cryptopia itself and the second 8% is probably from the own team. Then, from the third to the sixth wallet, they own between a 3%-5%. From the 20th we find a share lower than 1%; a very positive distribution that reduces the risk of the market being manipulated by big investors.

Right now it’s on the 9K sats having experienced growth in the past few hours close to 30% from the 6.7K that they had on the day’s opening. As it’s shown on the chart, the increase is constant, reaching higher and higher volume peaks. After the last breakout attempt in June the downward trend has settled down and after a short lateral movement, the upward trend seems to be back on track.

The minimum is located around the 3.2K sats, which means that we are only x2 over the minimums and with a small market cap, drawing a wide path of growth.

To summarize:

Concept: 9/10

Roadmap: 8/10

Team: 7/10

Profitability: 9

Risk: Low

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