Analyzing Crypto Bullion $CBX

Bitcoin is widely seen as a way of storing value. And at some point it could be, since the inflation rate will be decreasing with the time due to his deflationary nature. But for the time being and over the next few years, the inflation rate still high to work as a shelter value. To be precise, now it is around the 4%.

Since the XIX century, the top commodity which covered these needs of a safe value storage has been the gold. It is an international reference with a wide acceptation due to its limited supply and stability. This kind of assets has become even more appreciated during financial, geopolitical and inflationary crisis.

Back to the crypto sphere, as we mentioned we find that the function of BTC as storage of value still a weak option, at least until 2025. Besides the inflation issue, the global financial crisis is becoming a major problem with no answer from the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank.

This is the point where Crypto Bullion ($CBX) comes into play, a currency designed to work as storage of wealth. Planned to emulate the properties and supply of gold, with just 1 Million supplies which keeps the inflation rate below the 2%. Crypto Bullion works with a Proof of Stake Participation (PoSP) algorithm which enhances the security and efficiency of the traditional PoS.

Another great pillar of Crypto Bullion is the annual interest for staking. It provides rewards to the holders which go between a 6% and 12% annual interest.

The currency is already fully working, so is not a whitepaper full of good intentions. The wallets are supported in Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.

The team is composed by 4 people with a wide experience in the cryptocurrencies and financial area. From United States, Canada, Belgium and Portugal, compromised and active developers with clear targets for the currency. Chris, the founder, is a recognized and appreciated member of the Bitcointalk community active in crypto since 2011.

As we have already mentioned, the team is quite active and also ambitious about the projection of CBX in the near future. Recently, the roadmap for 2017 was released with a lot of new features and the estimated timeline. One of the most exciting ideas to come is the implementation of the Bullion Participation Nodes (PoSP Masternodes) which will be ready in August or September.

Now it is time to talk about the current market cotization of $CBX. For now it is being traded in Cryptopia and Novaexchange. As you probably know because of my Twitter posts or previous posts, Cryptopia is where the new smart money is moving at. Full of incredible companies with really low caps which are starting and getting ready for the major adoption through bigger exchanges like Poloniex or Bittrex. Now, focused on $CBX, we find that the coin is resting over the bottom, and with huge spikes of volume since May, which is a clear sign of accumulation from the smart money. These setup signal shows that the currency is getting ready for a big breakout upwards. Like a boiling water pan.

The current value is around 35K and we should bear in mind that the previous all time high of this coin was 611K, so the potential growth is huge. We could find some difficulties at 75K and 100K levels, previous lines of resistance. But if it goes over 100K the sky is clear and the moon closer.

I see this investment as a long term hold. We can’t forget how small the supply of this coin is, just 1 million making so easy to increase the value of each token. One even that can add even more fuel to this rocket in the future is the end of the One Gram ICO, a currency also based on the gold properties but focused on the muslim market (as long their religion don’t allow them to trade with gold). The raise of this company backed by big petrol investors will rise even more the value of CBX, the original one, with a better and safer security protocol, less inflation and bigger revenues from staking. This event will also help to put this coin under the scope for the media and attract more mainstream investors.

To sum up:

Concept: 9/10

Roadmap: 8/10

Team: 9/10

Profitability: 9/10

Risk: Low

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