Interview with Coupit team

How would you describe the main pillars of the project?

The main pillars of Coupit are:

  1. Affiliate Program — Coupit provides an automated method that doesn’t rely on company governance for affiliate earnings to be distributed.
  2. Recoupit — Just by holding Coupit Tokens, Recoupit Tokens will be generated that can be used in a variety of ways on the Coupit platform.
  3. Trust and Arbitration System — Coupit’s trust program will help identify reputation of buyers and sellers. Includes a Resolution Center to handle seller/buyer claims.
  4. Analytics for Sellers — Analytics dashboard for sellers to track visitor interaction within their seller pages (profile, products) to help improve engagement efforts.

About the team and supporters, what are your strengths?

Our team is composed of highly motivated individuals that have reached success independently of the Coupit project. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge regarding investments, e-commerce, blockchain technology, and cybersecurity to Coupit. Our supporters in the community are well-educated and immersed in blockchain culture, which I feel holds us to a high standard.

Thinking about the future, do you have any roadmap with relevant upgrades or partnerships?

Yes, you can see our full roadmap here. We are excited about the integration with 3rd party shopping carts, as this will allow Coupit to be accepted by anyone that runs a Magento, Wordpress (with WooCommerce), and Shopify. We anticipate that this will greatly increase the adoption rate for Coupit.

What’s the added value of Coupit in comparison with other competitors ?

I’ll split this question into 2 categories: competitors in the blockchain field, and competitors in the ecommerce marketplace field. Whereas most blockchain competitors offer solutions to common problems (high processing rates, lack of incentives, etc), Coupit aims to tackle those problems while also providing features that are non-existent in the field, such as the affiliate program. Within the eCommerce marketplace field, we will be able to offer services to sellers and consumers for a fraction of the cost. Also, our automated affiliate program means that referrers don’t have to worry about a central controlling company handling payouts, as they are handled by smart contracts on the blockchain.

What are the use cases you are looking to cover?

We are aiming to provide a great marketplace experience for merchants, consumers, and referrers. Our hope is for merchants to utilize the analytics we provide and increase their success. We envision consumers having a hassle-free experience when purchasing, with the option for arbitration should that scenario arise. Finally, we believe that referrers that participate in affiliate programs have been overlooked and underappreciated by many large marketplaces, and we want to create a better option for them.

How are you aiming to provide scalability to your service?

Thankfully, we chose to launch our token on the NEO blockchain, which is extremely fast. Please find more information here.

Evaluation of the current scenario for Coupit and the blockchain industry.

Coupit is currently at the midpoint of a very successful ICO presale, and we look forward to releasing apps that change the industry’s expectations. With our team, we are set to create a powerful and lasting experience for everyone involved.

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