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Feb 24, 2018 · 4 min read

This time I have the pleasure of interviewing JET8 team. Aiming to connect brands and consumers is the first social engagement tokenized platform.

How would you describe the main pillars of the company?

The main pillars of JET8 are the decentralization of social media engagement, and the democratization of influence, through the tokenized remuneration of users for content creation and social engagement.

JET8 consists of proprietary data analysis software linked to this compensation of social media users for peer to peer engagement. Every like, comment, share, user preferences and transactions are tracked and stored in a transparent way that content creators and the brands they engage with have access to. With the introduction of the J8T token, further decentralization takes place as the platform expands to become an open marketplace.

What’s the role of the tokens at Jet8 project?

The role of the J8T token is to fuel the growth and expansion of the JET8 ecosystem, creating an open marketplace in which anyone with J8T tokens can participate, be it influencer, brand, individual, agency, NGO, sporting association…literally anyone, anywhere.

About the team and supporters, what are your strengths?

The quality of advisors JET8 has attracted highlights the solidity of JET8 as a technology company and the sound nature of their token launch. Advisor Jon Matonis, Founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation contributed this quote:

“In the J8T exists a token that can be exchanged for influence, and is now expanding in utility, by opening up a marketplace where all transactions can be waterproofed. The tracking and recording of influence for influencers, of earning for users, and of engagement for brands- is precisely the kind of blockchain usage that supports genuine decentralization.” Jon Matonis.

JET8 has also raised over $9M in private equity funding from many leaders in the technology and advertising industries which has given JET8 valuable support and expertise over the past 4 years.

Thinking about the future, do you have any roadmap with relevant upgrades?

The launch of the J8T token and the integration of certain transactions onto the blockchain will transform the platform into a decentralised, open marketplace for social media engagement. The J8T token is being issued by the JET8 Foundation for Decentralized Engagement Networks (DEN), whose tasks revolve around supporting the pervasiveness of the J8T token as a store of value. JET8 will become an advocate for the ecosystem, supported by the Foundation, connecting to other online and offline retailers and service providers, and encouraging massive adoption of its tokenized model by large social communities. In this light, JET8 becomes the marketplace itself, a facilitator, and an exchange.

This is where JET8 opens the use of its products and services as an example of value creation, through content creation. The blockchain allows the JET8 ecosystem to ensure the transactions take place in a safe and scalable environment.

What’s the added value of Jet8 in comparison with other competitors?

JET8 has 4 years worth of data, experience, and technology to ensure an open, secure and safe marketplace of peer to peer user generated content creation. In terms of privacy, profitability and usability, and in terms of mobile software technology and systems, such as the AI which flags user activity anomalies JET8 has the learning, both technological and human, that sets them apart from any other player in the market.

JET8 also has retail connectivity in 7Eleven, Alfamart, Watson’s, CircleK and a variety of other convenience stores already accept JET8’s social currency JETpoints as payment for products. Thus JET8 has positioned itself on the forefront of the industries’ transformation, primed to be one of the first cryptocurrencies accepted when retailers begin accepting tokens en masse. With this kind of IoT connectivity, JET8 again proves validity as an open marketplace.

Evaluation of the current scenario for Jet8 and the social media & advertise industry.

In the current iteration, the JET8 platform supports the democratization of influence through the products and services it offers, and the remuneration of users. In the post ICO iteration, the Decentralized Engagement Network provides an accessible way for individuals to gain control and to reshape the social media landscape through bypassing centralized gatekeepers.

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