Interview with Red Pulse China team ($RPX)

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Red Pulse team. A project which aims to solve the information overload problem.

How would you describe the main pillars of the company?

The main pillars of Red Pulse include the creation of a sharing economy for research, bridging information gaps in the market, and solving the problem of information overload.

When we say “sharing economy for research”, we are describing an ecosystem that does not depend on a centralized source of ideas or authority in sharing ideas, but rather a crowdsourced source of not only content, but human resources. Red Pulse aims to fairly and transparently compensate these contributors for their value-added insights, while creating a leading research platform that leverages the vast, underutilized expertise of a crowd of experts, rather than building a dedicated team in-house.

One of the key tenets of an efficient market is fair and consistent access to market information. Developed markets have become extremely informationally efficient in this regard, where conventional and algorithmic trading strategies have ensured a tight correlation between publicly disclosed market information and price movements of securities, with minimal delay. When it comes to developing markets such as China however, information gaps and asymmetry still play a large role in price irregularities and volatility. Red Pulse aims to solve this by providing better access to information, in large part by eliminating language barriers and providing a system to assess information accuracy.

Information overload is a problem that each and every one of us faces today. We can all relate to the overwhelming feeling of having hundreds of new emails show up in our inboxes, as well as text messages, social media posts, news articles, and research papers constantly vying for our attention. To solve this, we don’t need more information, we need context, to filter the information properly. Red Pulse employs a combination of simple content category tags along with machine learning to automatically recommend certain types of information, customized for each user.

What’s the role of the tokens at Red Pulse project?

Red Pulse (RPX) tokens are used as a fair and transparent compensation mechanism for contributors of insights and analyses on financial markets. RPX tokens are also used as a research credit system where financial institutions and other corporates can pre-buy custom research from independent analysts and industry experts. Ultimately, our vision is to create a market intelligence and knowledge-based ecosystem that uses the RPX token as the underlying mechanism of value exchange.

About the team and supporters, what are your strengths?

The Red Pulse team is a diverse, multi-lingual group of individuals that are all passionate about bridging cultural and informational gaps, and using technology to solve big problems. We have team members located in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Korea, Japan, and Austria.

Along with the Red Pulse team, our supporters are our greatest strength. From day one, they have been champions of our vision and are a fantastic source of new ideas and feedback. Some of our new features, such as prioritized support for Korean language following Chinese and English, have come directly from our community of supporters. We thank everyone for their ongoing support of Red Pulse, and look forward to sharing more developments with the community.

Thinking about the future, do you have any roadmap with relevant upgrades?

Red Pulse plans to have a tokenized open research ecosystem with a full-integrated RPX compensation mechanism by Q3 of 2018. Along the way, we’ll be adding features such as real-time API feeds, mobile app version, multi-language support, and expansion into different asset classes and geographic markets.

What’s the added value of Red Pulse in comparison with other competitors?

Red Pulse takes into account the need for better market information, not more market information. We achieve this by incorporating a large socialized element to information gathering and assessment, to prioritize information accuracy and relevance at the individual user level. Our cryptocurrency based ecosystem also allows for faster content scaling while ensuring free and open access for institutional clients, an especially important consideration as banks and other corporates are increasingly under pressure to cut spending on research and information services.

Evaluation of the current scenario for Red Pulse and the market intelligence industry.

General market information has quickly become commoditized, with only service providers covering niche industries still thriving as viable business models. Custom market intelligence and insights are in more demand than ever however, and represents a key area of growth for platforms such as Red Pulse, which provides a combined general market as well as custom research offering. At the same time, regulations such as the MiFID II in the EU have brought about increasing budget-cutting pressure on research and other information-based services.

At Red Pulse, we’re excited to be the pioneer in creating a tokenized research and knowledge platform delivering crowdsourced intelligence on markets. The knowledge is out there, and we believe we’ve created an ecosystem that incentivizes the sharing of this knowledge in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way, for both expert contributors and research consumers. As the market intelligence space continues to evolve, Red Pulse is positioned at the forefront by leading the development of sustainable business models that ensure market participants continue to get what they need at a fair price.

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