On September 5, 2020, KuCoin celebrated its third anniversary. It went live for the first time in September 2017. Since its debut, KuCoin has grown very swiftly, and so far, it’s one of the Top-10 crypto exchanges in terms of CryptoRank.io’s adjusted trading volumes.

It was a bullish month for the cryptos. CryptoRank’s team collected the most significant market updates and trends that are worth noting for consideration. Look into the latest market intelligence and in-depth reports on popular blockchains and digital assets.

Highlights from the last month’s report

  • Bitcoin price logs one-year high above $12,000
  • The Ethereum price surged to a two-year high of $443
  • Capitalization of the cryptocurrency market rose to its highest peak in 2020 of $393.92B
  • The total Value locked in DeFi hit $9B
  • The current supply of stablecoins crossed $15B
  • Open interest on Ethereum futures surpassed $1.5B and daily volume reached $11B
  • Ethereum gas fees…

In June, Huobi Futures marked a new milestone as it took the lead in BTC Futures markets. Huobi Futures’ BTC contracts took the 1st spot based on 24h volume.

In March, the Stock market fell over 30% and sent global markets into a tailspin with all asset classes, including major indices, treasuries, metals, and even crypto. During the next one and a half months, Bitcoin was recovering after the Black Thursday crash on March 12. All cryptocurrencies, including BTC, showed massive volatility. This raise of extreme volatility provided opportunities for investors, miners, and traders to take profit or hedge. On…

Daily Futures Volume Firmly Holds The Lead

According to CryptoRank Data, 24 hours futures volume takes over the spot adjusted volume in about 3 times.

While spot volume is responsible for only 27% of the trading volume, futures volume makes up 73%.

The situation with Bitcoin volume is even more indicative: 20% (on the spot market) VS 80% (on the futures market).

We expect that derivatives have more rooms to grow, and the futures trading volume will exceed the spot 10 times or more in the near future.

👉 https://cryptorank.io/derivatives-analytics

2019 was an explosive year for the crypto derivatives market, and 2020 is no exception. The amount of new derivative products has grown markedly. The majority of exchanges have already launched the ability to trade different derivatives for major cryptocurrencies, which allows traders to increase their profits several times over. Very likely, we will see even more innovative products in the near future being developed to open more flexible trading opportunities.

According to our latest data that is being aggregated from the major derivatives exchanges, the total daily volume of Bitcoin futures surpassed the $45.5 Billion mark on April 30…

Huobi DM is the fastest-growing crypto-derivative exchange by trading volume. It has launched the BTC Perpetual Swap Contract on March 27.

Five days later, $183M worth of BTC Perpetual Swap contracts traded on it. One month after the launch, Huobi DM marked a new record of $1.35B in 24-hour volume, indicating a 638% growth from its first day.

Huobi cryptocurrency exchange has firmly taken its place among the world’s top sites over the 6 years of its existence. Huobi was able to achieve such results largely due to customers from Europe.

A few years after the launch, Leon Li, Huobi`s CEO, decided to buy out the Western and American-oriented BitYes trading exchange, which attracted a large number of traders and investors from these two regions.

Currently available on the Huobi exchange are spot trading, a fiat gateway, and the venue to trade leverage and Futures.

In late March, the Huobi exchange launched Perpetual Swaps on its Huobi DM

OKEx recently bypassed BitMex with $3.2 Billion volume daily of BTC futures and took 1st place in the 24h volume rating. That’s why the CryptoRank team decided to talk about their experience in trading on the OKEx exchange.

2019 was an explosive year for the crypto derivatives market. The number of new derivative products has increased significantly. Many exchanges have already launched the possibility to trade different derivatives for major digital currencies, which allow clients to increase their profits by several times. But this is just the beginning, and we can expect many innovative products to be developed to open up more flexible trading opportunities.

According to our data that is being aggregated from the major derivatives exchanges, the total daily volume of Bitcoin futures is regularly surpassing the mark of $20 billion.

There are many traders that successfully automate the DCA strategy (averaging) and show good results. However, many traders have difficulties understanding the concept of averaging and setting up DCA bots. To simplify understanding, 3C.Exchange created two simulators (links are in this article). Use these simulators to independently simulate various market situations and understand the effectiveness of averaging. You can also create a DCA bot in 3C.Exchange using step-by-step instructions.

Share your results in the comments, or ask questions; we are here to help.

A DCA strategy is the practice of investing at regular intervals to reduce risk. When you enter…


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