cryptoraves Official Token Launch in 7 Days!

It’s been a long 8 months of preparation for our self-funded, 2-person team, strewn with roadblocks, but we’ve finally made it to an MVP. We’ve been looking forward to demonstrating a simple idea that we feel addresses many present-day barriers to the crypto-sphere. Such as, “crypto is too slow; too many fees; too complicated; too risky.” NO LONGER!

Cryptoraves is crypto you can Tweet. It’s an ERC20 token, and the idea is that sharing tokens creates a new kind of tokenized social value. We’ve decided to start with Twitter as a widely adopted social media platform that is already familiar to the masses — as well as having a very accommodating API. And if this launch is successful on Twitter, then we will integrate with other platforms. We feel this is a pretty logical next step to mass adoption.

How is this possible for free? We are utilizing Loom’s Layer 2 solution for speed and cost effective mass-token-transactions and distribution. This enables the throughput and fee-less transactions we feel necessary to allow users to dip their toes into crypto without any of the aforementioned barriers.

The cryptoraves Official Tokens will launch on April 25, 2019. There will be a fixed supply of 1 Billion tokens, including a portion to support our Alpha-Launch. These tokens will be launched on the Loom PlasmaChain. A next step will be allowing users to export the tokens to the Ethereum Layer 1 Mainnet. And after that, we’ll introduce the ability for you to launch your own personal cryptoraves token — but that’s for a future post!

Free cryptoraves airdrops will be available on Twitter starting at 10:00am (Eastern time), on Thursday, April 25, 2019. Just Tweet: @cryptoraves #makeitrave

Airdrops will be given according to this distribution curve. The first 50 of you to #makeitrave get 1 million:

We are officially launching, but it’s early days. Please keep in mind we’re in the alpha stage, which will serve as a trial-by-fire test of our otherwise lightly-tested product. There may very well be delays, errors, or system crashes (gulp)! Please bear with us and our small team of 2!

Rave on!

Bryan Plasters is the Founder/Owner and Head of Development for cryptoraves, LLC. He is passionate about leveraging blockchain technology for maximum user experience. Email him at

To learn more about cryptoraves, visit our website or see our blog series.

It’s Crypto you can Tweet!

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