DAO1 AMA Recap Crypto Revolution Community

On 9 of June DAO1 conducted an AMA in Crypto Revolution Community. Our guest was Francesco Dell’Agata, Leo Georgievic and Adrian Niculescu from DAO1. Let’s take a look at the most interesting points from our Conversation!

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Group is muted. DAO1 AMA is starting. We have e executive Guests today. Welcome guys. Welcome guys. Happy to have you with us today

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Could you please introduce yourselves guys, your positions in the team and how did you get involved into Crypto?

Francesco Dell’Agata: Hi everybody, it’s a pleasure to meet you and join you for this AMA. My name is Francesco Dell’Agata and I am the Head of Operations at DAO1. I have been in crypto for 4 years and have experience in the blockchain/crypto space as an investor and writer, as well as advising multiple global clients in the Digital, Strategy, and AI.

Leo Georgievic : Hi everyone how are u guys?
Im Leo Georgievic, Strategist @ DAO1 project.

Amazing to be here..I have experience in project management, marketing and trading Crypto for a couple of Years..after been involved in a DeFi project last year and now part of making DAO1 a great project, I do think that I am exactly where Im supposed to be. Great to be here everyone..

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Seems like Market is awaking after the El Salvador News. What you guys think? Are we still in Bull Market?10:03

Francesco Dell’Agata: I have been observing this market since the last market cycle and I can assure you we are still in the bull market. This cycle looks a lot like 2013, a double peak cycle…we’re still yet to see the second and final peak in 2022.

Bull market mode is still ON, we are just pausing after a crazy rally over the last 12 months. Consolidating is good

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Glad to hear such a expert opinion

Francesco Dell’Agata: News are only one part of the story, the rest, we don’t see. Many multi-billion institutions are buying crypto

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Yeap. True

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Could you please introduce DAO1 in Layman’s term to the Community?

Francesco Dell’Agata: DAO1 is a community-led Decentralised Autonomous Organization, governed by true democracy. In other words, a decentralised socio economic platform with innovative financial products for the community. We have an innovative suite of features to really give the community members of DAO1 a true voice. This is my view. Leo and Adrian?

Danny | Crypto Revolution: What kind of Financial Products?

Leo Georgievic : I think Adrian is not here with us Obvious ones are farming and staking…another aspect I pers think is awesome is the Financial inclusion in form of the Decentralised Fund with hybrid advisory as well as the VC start up fund experience that any member can access with as little as 100 bucks. so basically Financial Inclusion for everyone, regardless of their nationality, race, or financial status

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Nice

Leo Georgievic: For example, allowing everyone to participate in Angel Investing through our Crypto Startup & Venture Fund

Francesco Dell’Agata: Also, true governance is key in DAO1 — the proportional voting system will power the community choices.

Leo Georgievic : I wouldnt say our Hackathon and Incubation programs are financial products but can def lead to some interesting developments in that area;

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Community always has to be the most important!! So I guess Token Holders will have Votes..what other benefits will they get if they hold the token?

Leo Georgievic : F.x they will benefit from the underwriting function

Francesco Dell’Agata: So DAO1 token holders will receive preferential voting rights in each of our features and depending on the feature itself, will be able to help drive forward that feature with select changes they propose, accept, deny or abandon. For example, the Crypto Venture & Startup Fund, will grant $DAO1 token holders by allowing them to select and access exclusive investment funds, something that will not be accessible by non-DAO1 token holders

Leo Georgievic : In cryptocurrency, underwritings stand for the right of preference.In this case, it translates to DAO1 holders being able to engage directly in the value appreciation of launched incubation projects.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: You guys did Launch on YFDAI Launchpad. Are you going to work closely with them in the future as well?

Francesco Dell’Agata: Yes, definitely. We have a great relationship with the YFDAI Team.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Awesome. I personally also like YFDAI

Francesco Dell’Agata: Their Launchpad is awesome!

Leo Georgievic t: Yeah good guys amen to that

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Few words for the Tokenomics please. And how people can buy DAO1 tokens at the moment, where?

Francesco Dell’Agata: So the maximum cap is set at 3.6 million and comes with a well-planned emission schedule that will conserve the token value. Only yesterday, we launched on three DEXs and one CEX. We are excited and you can purchase DAO1 tokens from any of these exchanges through the DAO1 website. SafeSwap, UniSwap and QuickSwap — DEXs

Leo Georgievic : on the 7th we launched on the Dexs.

Time passes quickly :)

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Impressive

Francesco Dell’Agata: Bartertrade is the CEX

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Yeap I know them. Any Tier 1 CEX on the Way?

Francesco Dell’Agata: Can’t confirm yet, we will annouce soon

Francesco Dell’Agata: Tokenomics

Danny| Crypto Revolution: Thanks for sharing

Francesco Dell’Agata: We also launched on Bilaxy too

Leo Georgievic : Yeah we currently in talks with several Cexs some of them Tier 1

Adrian Niculescu will NEVER DM you first: Good evening! My internet died at the hotel so I had to move to the nearest mall! I am Adrian Niculescu, involved with DAO1 as Head of Partnerships & also taking care of the hackatons & incubation programs. Happy to be here today, soing whatever it takes to be here :)))!

Danny| Crypto Revolution: Hey man. Welcome

Francesco Dell’Agata: https://quickswap.exchange/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x3c5D1617C30BA71972adD4b0C9A6B9848f2afeeD



Links to buy DAO1 tokens

Danny| Crypto Revolution: Thank you

Francesco Dell’Agata: Official links from our website. Thank you

Leo Georgievic : GATE.io in the pipeline as well

Danny| Crypto Revolution: Wow.. Gate is good one

Danny| Crypto Revolution: Except YFDAI any other Partnerships you guys working on or have locked already?

Adrian Niculescu : Thank you, I joined the community few days ago. you have a lot of interesting people here, congrats!

Danny| Crypto Revolution: Thanks for the kind Words Adrian

Adrian Niculescu : All success, I mean it!

Leo Georgievic : we have several partners we are in the final stage with reg conclusion of specific parterships…stay tunes news will follow soon!

Danny| Crypto Revolution: Noiceee

Francesco Dell’Agata: Always look out for our official annoucement group and social media for annoucements!

Adrian Niculescu: We are in the final works with the preparations for the first hackathon, we aim for few partnerships here also for the benefits of the participating startups.

It is very important for us to partner with people and entities sharing the same vision — real decentralization, 100% governed by users, long-term vision, and people who want to change the world with their projects.

Danny| Crypto Revolution: What are your Marketing plans for the upcoming weeks/months? There is major Problem I see today. Projects only build hype upon Listing and than slowly dying? How you guys will overcome this tendency?

Leo Georgievic : Well i think a scheduled marketing calender is important…to be able to sustain the hype and also show presence and hold…especially in this market right now..

Leo Georgievic: we have big marketing scheduled for next 3 weeks…

Danny| Crypto Revolution: Excellent

Adrian Niculescu: It is a unique opportunity in our professional life to be able to not just become users but real players and decide the future of the platform we are involved with the use of the voting rights attached to the tokens we hold.

Francesco Dell’Agata: Our strategy here is to stay ahead of the game. Many projects are solely driven by hyping something up and then they often later lose members and investors…For the community side we will center all around the community so the engagement will be constantly growing and adapting. We will stay alive and grow organically through a series of carefully planned and scheduled PR and marketing activities. Those are e.g.:

AMAs every week
Weekly Interviews with core team
PR regularly on various crypto outlets
Announcements Channel
Influencers Reach-out and shoutouts
Regular Quote/mentions from core team
Partnerships with Medias, Groups, Community and Exchanges
Medium articles every week regarding DAO1
Keeping Community updates on all Channels (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Linkedin, Reddit)
Banners Ads on major crypto website
Gorilla marketing in other telegram groups
Paid social media marketing and influencers to gain interest and grow potential audience.

hope this makes sense

Danny| Crypto Revolution: Yeap. It totally does

Danny| Crypto Revolution: Wow. That’s pretty impressive


Telegram user: Can you tell us the security features you have in place to protect users Also, what do you think about projects being attacked and drained of assets despite being audited, what else should be done to ensure security?

Leo Georgievic : There are many factors that we look at to make sure that the projects listed are fully legit and completely minimize potential risks, such as researching their market strategy, past fails/successes, their history of delivery on promises made/ milestones assumed, security, team members, and so on. If there is even one single suspicion of a fraud case in the past, that automatically excludes a project from our funds.

Also we would only list projects that have launched on big exchanges like Binance, which already did their own vetting process.

Finally, we would also hire an external company to perform its own vetting process, in order to have another perspective. That would especially be useful, when vetting projects which don’t have a lot of information publicly available.

Even if we will take all precautions humanly possible, please also perform your own due diligence before investing in any project.

Danny| Crypto Revolution: Lol. This was quick

Adrian Niculescu: Thank you for your questions :)))!

Telegram user: Which one of these aspects important for you?:

1-Increasing Token Price&Value
2-Empowering Platform Development
3-Building Community Trust
4-Expanding Partnership Globally

In what order?

Francesco Dell’Agata:

Building Community Trust
Empowering Platform Development
Expanding Partnership Globally
Increasing Token Price&Value

For me, this is the order. We don’t want to focus on pumping DAO1. We want a sustainable and organic growth path for our token and platform. We place community trust and voting at the heart of all that we do and then development and partnerships are also on the list of important factors.

Telegram user: Do you have any plan to create other feature? Maybe yield farm, stake, or NFT project? Can you explain more detail?

Leo Georgievic: Yield farming is being deploying and we will see this feature soon…NFT Charitable program in place…

Telegram user: The security system of a company is very important. In order to avoid hackers who want to take or break into a company system, be it company data or user data. How do you do to the security of a project? Do you have a special security system for your project / company? And do you also provide special security guarantees for users / investors?

Francesco Dell’Agata: Good question. We have a solid technology security plan, where we have security protocols in place to ensure that data is secure, the platform will be secure and that moving forward, there can be no disparities around the governance model. We have implemented security from Day one, for DAO1.

Telegram user: How does DAO1 promote legitimate crypto and blockchain projects and in what ways does it help them create a stronger token infrastructure? How does Dao1 promote financial inclusion and what are the few products and services offered by DAO1 that include a Decentralized Fund (DeF) with hybrid advice and a Crypto Startup & Venture fund?

Adrian Niculescu: First the team along with third party experts & mentors curate the projects which are part of the hackaton and then the incubation programs. For the founders, startups and ideas, they can come from anywhere in the world. DAO1 promotes inclusion because the users can start with less than $100, it is accessible for eveyone. Race, colour, politics, gender, are not relevant.

Telegram user: Marketing strategy is very important. A product can be established on the market without marketing and promotion, whatever it is good. So what are your plans for this? How will you build strong relationships with communities?

Francesco Dell’Agata: We focus on our marketing strategy which I shared before. But to build a trusting and strong relationship with our community members and their communities, we need to nurture them into trusting us, adopting the DAO1 spirit and empowering them on the journey that only DAO1 can offer. Stay tuned as more features are released and you will see how committed we are as a team. The governance protocol will bring trust and confidence based on mathematics and not solely human doing.

Telegram user: Hi @leogeorgievic ,@adrianniculescu, @fdellagata, My Questions:

In any platform it is essential to have good security, both for the well-being of it and the users, so I ask: What kind of security does DAO1 use and how can we be sure that its platform is trustworthy?

What unique tools does Dao1 have and how does it differ from many other platforms that serve the same purpose?

Adrian Niculescu: There are continuous efforts to assure the highest security of the platforms, including the fact that the smart contracts are audited by third-party highly respected organisations like Blockchain Consilium. The security of the platforms in the DeFi space plus I would say the lack of usability (easy to use) by the regular non-tech community member are the main things that are holding back the mass adoption. DAO1 addresses them both.

Telegram user: Many Project talks only about their Strenghts, I want to know about the weak point of Your project that you are Currently Dealing With and Can you tell us 2–3 killer features about of project for investors to invest in your project for the long-term???????

Leo Georgievic : Yeah Covid is restricting us often to sit all together,,,:(

Telegram user: Which one of these aspects important for you? 1-Increasing Token Price & Value 2-Empowering Platform Development 3-Building Community Trust 4-Expanding Partnership Globally In what order?

Leo Georgievic: Nr 3 and nr 2


Adrian Niculescu: I am excited about the future of this market due to the fact that allows the power to be brought back to the users which is very important. In the same time is a little bit of a Wild Wild West and the users need to learn about this market to understand its basics and how to analyze the projects they want to involve with.

Telegram user: Can you list 1–3 killer features of Your Project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about????

Francesco Dell’Agata: We are confident about all of our features. But in particular, the uniqueness of DAO1 is cemented by these three features: Governance from DAO1 — Voting DeF with Hybrid advisory — AI Crypto Startup Fund — Venture capital investing made easy

Telegram user: How does DAO1 promote legitimate crypto and blockchain projects and in what ways does it help them create a stronger token infrastructure? How does Dao1 promote financial inclusion and what are the few products and services offered by DAO1 that include a Decentralized Fund (DeF) with hybrid advice and a Crypto Startup & Venture fund?

Leo Georgievic: Accessibility: DAO1 is easily accessible to everyone, regardless of financial situation or knowledge of the cryptocurrency space. It is an inclusive ecosystem aimed at everyone.

Innovation: DAO1 offers a wide range of attractive financial services and features in a unique composition, innovating in the cryptocurrency market thanks to its advanced suite of features.

Power of choice: The DAO1 native token will have a unique role from a governance and proportional voting standpoint, where it will be used to vote in order to approve, deny or abandon voting of new features, their functionality and future development on the platform. DAO1 offers a proportionally-driven voting system and this means that users will have the ability to vote on what direction DAO1 takes.

Education: DAO1 places a great focus on introducing an innovative educational approach, coupled with a community-led ecosystem of advanced services. Our aim is to not only provide access to services on our platform but also encourage continuous learning.

Telegram user: Currently there are many problems on the Ethereum network such as scalability issues, high fuel costs, slow speeds, etc… Why did you move the rest of the public sale entirely to the Ethereum network? And what are the advantages of #DAO1? “I’m very proud if you answer my question and success for DAO

Leo Georgievic : As many have been facing looooong fetching times due to errors on Matic side of life…we decided to give everyone a chance to conclude the sale on the more known network to them..

Telegram user: These will be helped with high level mentoring, funding, exposure and market connection. It is important because it will assure inclusion also for projects coming from underprivileged territories. Many of these projects will be integrated in the DAO1 Ecosystem.” How are you guys going work with the language and cultural barriers?

Adrian Niculescu: DAO1 is a global project but in the same time there are users highly passionate about DAO1 who want to create local communities around DAO1 and to translate the information, so if you want to do this for your community, if it is a non-english one, just start doing. It is a decentralized project, value can be added in different ways.

Telegram user: Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to your project? Because it was the success of the project to get more investors who still don’t exist in the crypto world. What are the plans for raising awareness around you in the non-crypto space?

Leo Georgievic : Yes basically we want to not only make a easy to use interface for all but also educate the wider community with our programs and campaigns so everyone regardless of nationality, financial beholdings etc can take part of this new age of financial revolution

Telegram user: What conventional DeFi solutions does DAO1 offer to users and in what ways can passive income be earned?

Leo Georgievic : Staking and farming

Telegram user: The security system of a company is very important. In order to avoid hackers who want to take or break into a company system, be it company data or user data. How do you do to the security of a project? Do you have a special security system for your project / company? And do you also provide special security guarantees for users / investors?

Francesco Dell’Agata: Always good to have a question on security protocols — they are really important! Winner for me.

Telegram user: Hello #DAO1 Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set.. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to Your platform and keep them long term..?? So I’m very proud when you respond to this..??

Leo Georgievic: I would say constant evolvement and adaption is the way to go..this industry changes very quickly and is not only high in volatility but also in the intro of new trends and tech

Telegram user: The common problem that often accours DeFi projects is that smart contract vulnerability can lead to loss of funds, what steps has your projects taken for solve to fix this major problem and prevent such occurrences in the future?

Adrian Niculescu: Lack of security is a big problem in this industry and one thing that slows the market adoption. DAO1 has the smart contracts audited by Blockchain Consilium, there is a constant effort plus financial resources allocated for securing the platform the best way it can be done through the current market innovations. I believe that the security features will evolve to be one step ahead of the threats.


Danny| Crypto Revolution: Okay guys. I think you did enough Questions. Final Words for Community please

Francesco Dell’Agata: I want to thank the community for such great attention to detail and great questions!

Adrian Niculescu: My mantra is #workneverends. We came here to help & serve the community in learning more about DAO1. Many questions address security which is a very important issue.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dao1Official

Telegram: https://t.me/Dao1globalchat

Website: https://dao1.org


1. Telegram grouphttp://t.me/crypto_revolution1

A/ Telegram Announcement Channel — https://t.me/cryptorevolution11

B/ Telegram News Channel — https://t.me/crypto_revolutionnews

2. Twitter — https://twitter.com/revolut20

3. Medium — https://medium.com/@cryptorevolution

4. Uptrennd — https://www.uptrennd.com/user/MTQ0ODA2

5. Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/CryptoRevolution1

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7. Discord — https://discord.gg/GNTTm6zf2s

8. Linkedin — https://www.linkedin.com/in/crypto-revolution-73ba111a0/

9. Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/user/CryptoRevolution11

Website: https://crypto-revolution.io/





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