Dettapay AMA Recap Crypto Revolution Telegram group

On 30th of November, Dettapay conducted an AMA on Crypto Revolution Community. Our guest was Ayodeji O, Founder of Dettapay. Impressive interest from our Community with a lot of questions on both Twitter and Telegram. Let’s take a look at most interesting points of the AMA.


Danny | Crypto Revolution: Okay guys. It’s time for another portion of Crypto Revolution AMAs. Let’s welcome Dettapay and Ayodeji O. Welcome.

Ayodeji O: Hi everyone, thanks for having us.

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: I’ve been hearing some good things about Detta Pay, so excited!

Ayodeji O: Great to hear! Thank you.

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: It is so exciting to finally have the AMA with you Ayodeji.

Ayodeji O: Same here.

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: So for the people who don’t know you, can you please introduce yourself? :)

Ayodeji O: I am the Founder of Dettapay. I have been involved in cryptocurrency for a few years now. I am a strong advocate of Digital Identity/Privacy. I truly believe that self — sovereign identity and payment is the future and our plan is to be at the forefront of that. Outside of Crypto, I manage my own Engineering/Surveying Company in Europe.

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: Thank you for that info, i really appreciate the insight. Could you please tell us more about Dettapay and it’s use case?

Ayodeji O: At Dettapay, we are building hybrid marketplace; centralised marketplace equipped with blockchain technologies for security and ability to accept payments in both DETTA and FIAT. We believe doing this will speed up cryptocurrency adoption. Crypto and non-crypto folks will be able to use our marketplace. We don’t want to limit ourselves to a certain group of customers.

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: So when we are talking about a marketplace, we are talking about something like Amazon? for reference purposes.

Ayodeji O: Yes, we are talking about something like amazon, in our case (dettamart) people would only be able to sign in with either biometric or qr code.

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: Wow, this is really innovative!

Ayodeji O: Thank you.

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: I believe this is a gamechanger tbh with you. Involving traditional marketplace practices with new technology such as crypto. So besides using DETTA as a payment system on the marketplace, what else can holders do with DETTA?

Ayodeji O: The main purpose of DETTA is to be the main currency on our marketplace named “dettamart” but we are also in talk with small coffee shops etc to accepting accepting… We can confidently say that we are being succesful in convincing few people to sart accepting DETTAfor liitle little transactions.

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: This sounds interesting, being able to use DETTA as a currency in everyday life.

Ayodeji O: Also, people can stake their tokens for rewards.

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: NOW this interests me. And i’m sure it interests most of our community here as well. How do you plan to launch staking? what is the mechanics of it? do you have any partnerships in place for staking? Is there any insight you can share with us :)

Ayodeji O: We have partnered with Ferrum Network to handle our staking round through their Unifyre wallet.

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: This is HUGE!

Ayodeji O: We plan to give reward of 300% APY to the Presale contributors that chose to stake their tokens. The staking is planned to last for 31 days. We believe this will encourage people to hold… Its only a matter of time before everyone sees what we have in store.

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: Definitely can see the incentive of creating buying pressure, and reducing selling pressure. A real struggle that other projects are facing right now.

Ayodeji O: We noticed that, hence the reason the team came together to suggest this staking incentives.

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: Right, ok thanks for the insight, one more question i’d like to ask before we move onto our twitter questions from the community is this. You have been really successful with your launch in private sale, and you have just launched your presale now. How is this going? What is the setup for it, so there will be 2 presale rounds right? Would you be kind enough to share DETTA’s tokenmonics again as well for the people who don’t know?

Ayodeji O: Thank you Sergio, The Private sale was a success. The Presale 1 round have started differently. This could be the rising price of ETH or the higher gas fee — The sale have been going pretty slow but its only for hours to the sale so we have a lot of time to catch up. The second round is expected to commence next week and after that we will list DETTA on Uniswap.

*Uniswap liquidity tokens (10%) will be locked for one (1) year.

*Marketing, partnerships, and other small services tokens (30%).

*Team Tokens (20%) will be locked for 10 months.

10% toward staking rewards.

30% allocated to Token Sale.

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: Right i see, this is some great info broken down. Alright well im going to ask you some questions we have for Detta from twitter now.

Q1 from @zenu56434384

Can you tell us what are the main benefits of a $DETTA holder? For investment purposes, why do we have to invest in $DETTA & what benefits does $DETTA give to holders?

Ayodeji O: Since DETTA is the main currency on our marketplace — the holder will be able to have access to goods and services…. And also, given the small supply of just 1m token for such a huge project, we envisage DETTA to increse in vlue as our markeplace gain recognitiom it deserves.

Q2 from @Jkprince24

What is the utility of Dettapay and the reason for mass adoption of Dettapay in the future?

Ayodeji O: DETTA have a real world-use, their is no dettamart “OUR MARKETPLACE” withoutDETTA token. So dETTA will always be in high demand…

Q3 from @ryuuuubtc12

How many partners currently have trusted Dettapay technology and what benefits do these partners bring to Dettapay and vice versa?

Ayodeji O: We have currently announced one in Ferrum Network and at an advanced stage with 2 others… One of these two partners will be responsible building few part of our marketplace. We cant wait to announce them, we have been very lucky to have such huge partners backing our ideas.

We hope to make one of these 2 announce by December — fingers crossed. The plan is to get through this presale first and start unleashing few of the great news we have got.

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: Wow Ayodeji! you guys seemed to have planned everything out for DETTAPAY. One thing that makes me so comfortable is that you guys are a fully transparent and public team that listens to the community as well.

Ayodeji O: Thank you — Its means a lot to us!

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: Ok so i’ve gotten a little carried away here and we are running out of time, sorry guys but there will be no quiz today. We will be skipping straight to the community telegram questions now!


Telegram User:

What strategy will you implement to bring non-crypto-natives into your ecosystem? How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?

Ayodeji O: This question caught my eyes…. At Dettapay, we have team members from every courners of the world and plan is to utilise that. So how do we plan to do that…

We are building a centralised market that use blockchain for it core functionalities — this means people dont need getting use to our platform. Its the same as what they are use to, just that we will be giving people back control of there data by not storing data on our markeplce. So if we ever got hacked, no one would loose their personal and financial data.

And knowing how different part of the world work… we have customized our marketing to suit each continent. We will be focusing more on traditional marketing in Africa while the attention will gear toward digital marketing in europe.

Telegram User:

I’m a developer, and I’m interested in contributing to your project alongsides earning, Do you have any Bug Bounty to check for vulnerabilities?

Ayodeji O: This is another one I like a lot.

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: Yes actually im interested in this question too!

Ayodeji O: We will definitely be very interested in this… as of this morning, our website was attacked with DDos and we are still looking to fix that… we do not want a repeat on any of our socials. We will make sure everyone find all bug there is to find on our marketplace before we deploy them… So definitely will be looking to do this.

Sergio | Crypto Revolution: Love it!

Telegram User:

Your project have any partner with big marketplaces like enjin and opensea? Tell me about liquidity of your NFT if i need to sell it.

Ayodeji O: We are not interested in how big a company is, what we are interested in is the value they are bringing to our services. If a small/medium sized company can make us stronger at dettapay, thats exactly what we will going for.

Telegram User:

Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Ayodeji O: We do not have such programs planned… 1000,000 total supply might actualy be too small to what we know we will achieve once we get pass these presales… We believe so much in concepts that give birth to dettapay that will know that 1million DETTA will be too small for us soon.

Telegram User:

What is your plans for global expansion,on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?

Ayodeji O: We believe that even with 3million capital, we will be too small to conquer the whole globe just like that… We plan to start small by concentrating our effort first on two continents that will know we can easily succed — Europe and West Africa. Once we find success in this two regions, expanding to the rest of the world would be easy imo.

Telegram User:

Many investors hit and run in the sell and sell session after listing on the first exchange, How did Your project prevent early investors from selling their tokens and what benefits you would give them?

Ayodeji O: We are a public team and running is not an option… We had difficulties during our first sale on DistX and our contributors were refunded… We believe our concept would be worth a lot more in the future. we cannot leave our idea behind for contributors ETH.

Telegram User:

At this point, do you think you need exchanges as a binance to keep growing? Or is it better to forget those things and focus on other activities?

Ayodeji O: We will only be looking on those exchanges that are beneficiary to our merchants and partners… We want merchants to have confident knowing that they can exchange DETTA to their local currencies… and if Binance fit that bill we will go for them… if they dont, we will go for smaller one that fit our ethos. We want to be a honest project where both contributors and business are highly regarded. Its very important to create balance.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: True.


Danny | Crypto Revolution: Thanks for your time and great answers Ayodeji.

Ayodeji O: Thank you guys.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Final Words for Community please. Before I open the chat.

Ayodeji O: We need you to please support our concept and bring it to life. We need you guys more than ever to follow a project that truly want to build.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: Thanks man.

Ayodeji O: Thank you guys.

Danny | Crypto Revolution: We will. Opening the chat now.

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