Date : 30th june 2021 at 3pm UTC

Hosted by : Ian

Speaker : Pinky

Ian | Crypto Royals:
Good evening everyone, I am pleasured to have Representative from Super Launcher Pinky to join our AMA today.

So nice to have @pinky_superlauncher with us for AMA Session today.

Pinky | SuperLauncher:
It's my pleasure to be here

•Introduction Questions

Ian | Crypto Royals:
Q1. Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your background?

Pinky | SuperLauncher:
Hello Crypto Royals :) I’m Pinky, a Business Bird from SuperLauncher. I’ve been in crypto for a number of years and have an institutional trading background.

The SuperLauncher Team consists of 14 like-minded birds who have run top DEFI protocols. The project has been audited by Solidity Finance, QuillAudits and is protected by 3/4 Multi-Sig, Team Vesting and Locked Liquidity. The team chooses to remain anonymous in the spirit of DEFI, but all codes are open-source for full transparency.

You may visit our socials to find out more about SuperLauncher and Upcoming IDOs!

Ian | Crypto Royals:
Q2. Please tell the community about Superlauncher in detail?

Pinky | SuperLauncher:
SuperLauncher is a Cross-Chain Launchpad on BSC. We will soon be on Avalanche and Cardano. We perform due-diligence and select high quality projects for investors, and give them the opportunity to invest in a safe, trusted and decentralised manner across chains.

Our smart contracts are fully audited and have been carefully designed so that in all situations, the raised BNB and tokens reside securely in the smart contract. Under no conditions will the Admin or Campaign owner be able to transfer the tokens to anyone other than the rightful owners.

Ian | Crypto Royals:
Q3. What is the most significant difference between superlauncher and other projects?

Pinky | SuperLauncher:
We just keep building :) Bull or Bear Market doesn’t affect us :)

We have kept the focus on our roadmap and strived to be faster, more diligent, and more devoted than the competition. The Launchpad business is very demanding and you have to be always ready to entertain a project listing if you want to win. We want to be the number 1 Launchpad, not just on BSC, but across chains. To do that, we have to keep building, bull or bear market :)

Here’s what we have achieved, and our roadmap for Q3/Q4.

Q2 2021 Highlights (April - June)

✅SuperLauncher MainNet V1
✅First Audit with Solidity Finance
✅SuperLauncher IDO
✅Second Audit with QuillAudits
✅Website Redesign
✅Governance Staking
✅LP Farming

Q3 2021 Highlights (July - September)

Q4 2021 Highlights (October - December)
🎯Market Place

Ian | Crypto Royals:
Q4. We are so curious about $LAUNCH , could you please tell us about $LAUNCH , its total supply, its features?

Pinky | SuperLauncher:
The total supply of $LAUNCH is 12,000,000. Currently, 4,057,299 of this is circulating, representing roughly 34% of the total supply. One key feature of our tokenomics is that nearly 50% of the tokens are in reserves and not minted.

This answer is long, apologies, but i'd like to share our token utility. We are one of the VERY FEW and rare projects that have built up very strong token utility.

Nearly 60% of LAUNCH holders have staked their tokens

When you stake $LAUNCH, you can do the following:

1. Get Whitelisted for IDOs
2. Subscribe to IDOs
3. Get Proposal and Voting Rights in our Community Listing Module
4. Earn Super Eggs

•Twitter Questions

Ian | Crypto Royals:
So the First question from Twitter

I read that SuperLauncher is launching all types of projects including cannabis, traditional real estate, among others. That's fascinating. My question is, what are the requirements that a project must meet to take advantage of the leverage that SuperLauncher can offer?

From @TheShadowJK_1

Pinky | SuperLauncher:
We love projects that leverage blockchain technology, and we would love to help you with your sale if you are building something exciting. SuperLauncher can host both private and public rounds, help you set up liquidity mining in SuperFarms, introduce you to our network and help you structure your sale so that it has the best outcome possible.

Contact me @pinky_superlauncher to speak about your project!

Ian | Crypto Royals:
Second question from Twitter, Now this one looks interesting

Once Super Laucher is available in Avalanche and Cardano do you think it could increase liquidity or even $ Launch appreciates and can continue to increase in value as it consolidates in the market? How vulnerable is SuperLauncher to the volatility of this aggressive market?

From @Nhairy5

Pinky | SuperLauncher:
Once we go cross-chain (which is not too far away now), we will be sharing the same token supply across chains. This makes $LAUNCH scarcer and it will become much more valuable.

We noticed that LaunchPads are quite generous with their tokens, and give it all away for ‘marketing’ purposes, in the form of airdrops or influencer outreach. This is why you see that LaunchPad tokens are almost always going to 0.

SuperLauncher prides itself in preserving its token value. Check out our chart - We have one of the most resilient token charts in this bear market, and we have almost all of our supply unlocked :) We expect our token price to explode in a bullish market.

Ian | Crypto Royals:
Third question from Twitter

Without proper marketing and capital infusion, project dies, how do you convince us you have adequate marketing power and capital to push this project to the top project?

From @CryptoMate20

Pinky | SuperLauncher:
:) This is interesting, it really touches on why we are able to keep delivering in all markets.

You just have to visit our project and look at how we do things. We are prudent, and love to grow the community organically. This is hard work, but it’s how we prefer it. We continue to build innovative technology and deliver the best for our users. This approach keeps us viable for the long run, and ensures we continue building for our users. We have competitive advantages that allow us to keep our overheads low

Ian | Crypto Royals:
Fourth question from Twitter

Finding investors is hard, keeping investors is harder, so what strategy does Super_launcher have enough to make investors trust and with Super_Launcher project go a long way?

From @blackrose11221

Pinky | SuperLauncher:
We are very direct with our investors/users about our approach. It takes time to build trust, but when your narrative is consistent, investors like it. It’s not about being there when things are good and disappearing or muting the channels when things are bad (something we are seeing with a lot of launchpads)

Our user base largely consists of traders and investors who enjoy investing in new projects and want to do it in a safe and decentralised way. They are an amazing community, who help each other with any questions, and constantly show an astute understanding of the landscape and its nuances.

They are our no. 1 priority

Ian | Crypto Royals:
Fifth question from Twitter

The Launchpads have the last word when choosing projects is to take into account the preference of investors, has Super Laucher been able to find the solution at this point and that all parties involved are satisfied?

From @Nhairy5

Pinky | SuperLauncher:
Exciting! We can share our latest development :D

We agree, found that Launchpads have the final say when it comes to selecting projects, without taking into account the preference of investors. We wanted to solve that :)

So we built PlayGround, a groundbreaking product that’s designed to empower blockchain projects to acquire users and raise capital from the SuperLauncher DAO through an interactive, secure, and flexible process.

Do read our links, and apply to be part of PlayGround! Contact me @pinky_superlauncher if you are a project that wants to raise capital :)

•Live Questions

Q1).dian airlangga:
🙏From what I see SUPERLAUNCHER has Great Potential to Develop in the future. Can you tell me how I can make Investment with Safe launch?
Do you have an ICO or maybe a presale now?

Pinky | SuperLauncher:
SuperLauncher had recently unveiled three IDOs, all of which will be held in July. One of our IDOs, BlackEye Galaxy is debuting for less 164k in marketcap, and has some big names and partnerships behind it.

It’s a cross-chain virtual space metaverse! Buy planets, mine resources, explore the galaxy for new star systems!

Blackeyegalaxy is a decentralized cross-chain virtual space metaverse where users can buy planets, mine resources, and explore the galaxy for new star systems!

IDO Date/Time: 3 July, 2pm UTC

Q2).Rx 108:
Q.Your project has great features. There must be an experienced team behind@pinky_superlauncher

Pinky | SuperLauncher:
Yes :) We are an experienced team, and have run multiple businesses and large defi protocols. We try our best to stay lean and apply the best practices. In crypto, it is difficult to fight the market, but one must always remember that token value, at the end of the day speaks volumes about the project.

To build this token value, we keep rolling out technology that users love and demand, and do our best to build a vibrant and organic community. We are here for the long run, and we hope our investors see that through our actions

Our token economics are built to weather all kinds of markets, and facilitate mass adoption of superlauncher

In your site, you called your team as Core Birds and each team has nickname only not their real name,why choose to be anonymous? As your platform is still at early stage,how would investors trust you despite of being anonymous?Do you plan to reveal your identities in the future?

Pinky | SuperLauncher:
We have no plans to reveal our identity, because there's no need for us to :)

The design of our launchpad does not require us to be public, as all codes are open source, and investor funds and project tokens are never controlled by us. We stay true to the principles of DEFI.

We don’t have forms to fill up to whitelist. Just buy $LAUNCH and stake $LAUNCH, and you qualify for our IDOs

Can you tell us how users can participate in SuperLauncher IDO? and do we need to hold a large amount of LAUNCH tokens to participate in IDO or does everyone have a reasonable chance of participating?

Pinky | SuperLauncher:
I'll take this :)

Since SuperLauncher is still in its early days, whitelists are easier to get into, the allocation sizes for IDOs tend to be bigger and of those whitelisted, more than 70% are able to get an allocation during the sale. Historically, SuperLauncher has delivered up to 5 BNB allocation per investor, depending on the tier and its previous projects have done 7X and 2X ATH.

You just have to Buy LAUNCH and Stake LAUNCH to qualify :) Check out our website for more info

Q5).q Na Nile Kormu:
Why are you choose this name for project???

Pinky | SuperLauncher:
I decided to go for an easy question! :)

We actually named ourselves BSCLAUNCHER, just before our IDO. For those who don't know SuperLauncher held its own IDO on 12 April 2021.

However, just before the IDO, users were saying that there was another project called BSCLAUNCHER.

So we did a complete rebranding in 2 days, and launched successfully. Investors loved that we took in their feedback and many of them have stayed with us till today

The idea behind the birds was to forge an identity :)

Birds are smart creatures :) they fly in a flock, look after one another and are great communicators. Birds have good memory which allows them to learn from the past plan for the future:) Birds are full of energy and can fly for long distances without getting tired.

Thank you

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