About Us and the Roadmap

It’s almost 3 AM here in Seoul but it’s impossible for me to fall asleep. I am totally surprised by the attention we got from the community. That’s so thankful and gives me great motivation!

So far we have been asked two questions: “Who are you?” and “When the game will be available?” I am here to answer the questions.

Who Are We


The team is an indie mobile game developer from Seoul, South Korea. It has been organized in 2009. Since then, we have been making games like FANTASYxRUNNERS, which was initially released in 2012 and made a huge success in Korea and Japan. Now the game is somehow old but you will be able to easily recognize the artist is the same guy of CryptoSaga. :)

Fire Shrike Games

Fire Shrike Games is our new name. (With slight changes in the team organization, but the core members are the same.) Our recent game is City Watch: the Rumble Masters. The game is a real-time PVP shooter and has been released in multiple markets including Google Play, Baidu Shouji, and Xiaomi Market.

The Roadmap

If you read the smart contract, then you will be able to see the pre-sale will end at Unix epoch 1522497600 and it’s 2018 March 31. Saturday PM 12:00:00(GMT). The pre-sale will must end 2018 March 31. However, we hope we can release before that, so the pre-sale period may end before the day.

You will be able to Redeem the Heroes Soon

For heroes and their level-ups, we promise that the feature will be released before Feb.15. Heroes are ERC-721 tokens, so by nature, they will be tradable. Because of that, we won’t hurry to make the auction first. Instead, we will be making the heroes do their jobs, like slaying the monsters and getting Golds from dungeons. We want to release each element of the game sequentially. Starting from the dungeon, the Arenas, then the Guilds. ETA of the Dungeon is within February.

Effort for Making the Integrity of the Smart Contract

We consider ourselves as somehow experienced game developers. However, for the smart contracts, yes it’s true that we are newly entered. We will make sure the smart contracts’ integrity unhurt. Heroes & dungeons solidity code will be available next week, in order for them to be inspected and verified by the community. Also, there will be test-net versions before launching the game on the main-net.