Update: 21st May.

Today we announce the roadmap of CryptoSaga. Please note that many of minor features, QA, and the bug fixes are not included in this document. We will constantly update this page to make this up to date.

Feb. 2018

  • Start the Pre-sale of Heroes (Done)
  • Release New Feature: Heroes Summon (Done)
  • List on the Third Party Auctions (Done)
  • Update page: About us (Done)
  • Update page: Roadmap (Done)
  • Release New Feature: Change Your Heroes’ name (Done)
  • New Hero: Lady of the Lake (Done)

Mar. 2018

  • Update page: Complete Overhaul of the Web Page for Further Features (Done)
  • Smart Contract Audit: Dungeon System (Done)
  • Update page: Battle Instruction (Done)
  • New Heroes: Rare / Uncommon / Common Heroes (Done)
  • Start the Pre-sale of Golds (Canceled)
  • Release New Feature: Dungeon System (Done)
  • Release New Feature: Level Up System (Done)
  • End of the Pre-sale. (Done)

Apr. 2018

  • Release the game on the main-net (Done)
  • New dungeon: the Ruins of the Empire (Done)

2Q 2018

  • New dungeon: Pandemonium & the Tower
  • Smart Contract Audit: Arena System (Done)
  • Release New Feature: Arena System
  • Release New Feature: Sacrifice Heroes for Better Hero Drop-rate
  • Smart Contract Audit: Arena Tournament System with ETH bounty

3Q 2018

  • Release New Feature: Arena Tournament System with ETH bounty
  • Release New Feature: Gold Auction for Heroes
  • Release New Feature: Guild System

4Q 2018

  • Upgrade: Overhaul Dungeon & Arena Battle Engine for Better Graphics & Animation