The Battle of CryptoSaga

And some screenshots…

Mar 13, 2018 · 4 min read

Battle is the core part of the Dungeons and Arenas. Below image well illustrates the battle in the dungeons. The heroes fight in the 4 vs 4 battle.

The Five Stats of Heroes

Each hero has five stats. Every hero stat is different from each other, and the value is determined by the IVs(individual values).

ATK: Attack. The higher ATK, the more damage the hero gives.

DEF: Defense. The higher DEF, the less damage the hero receives.

AGL: Agility. The turn order is decided by AGL. AGL also affects whether the hero dodges the attack because higher AGL increases the ability to avoid the attacks from enemies.

LUK: Luck. LUK determines the attack is critical or not. LUK also increases the possibility of hitting the enemy because higher LUK increases accuracy.

HP: Hit Point. When HP becomes 0, the hero dies.


In order to embark on the mission to dungeons, heroes need to be deployed. Your role as the leader of the party is properly deploying the heroes on the appropriate slots, so that the heroes beat the mobs in the dungeon.

Party member selection

As you can see on the above image, there are four slots for the heroes to be deployed. The position of the heroes affects chances of being attacked by the enemies, so it is wise to put weaker heroes back and tough heroes front.


The order of action

The heroes’ action order is determined by the AGL, or agility of the heroes. The higher AGL, the earlier heroes attack the enemies.

Attack target selection

Due to current status of the Ethereum Network, we concluded that it is not realistic for you to command every move of heroes. Whom to attack is determined by the rule: The front units will be attacked first. The rear units will be attacked if the front units are dead.

Let’s say Shield Maiden tries to attack enemies. As Demon Prince protects the units behind him, Shield Maiden tries to attack Demon Prince first. If Demon Prince is dead, then Shield Maiden can attack the enemies behind.

Dodge the attack

Whether the defender dodges the attack or not is determined by the LUK of the attacker and AGL of the defender.

Damage calculation

The base damage given by a unit is determined by ATK of attacker and DEF of defender.

(Base damage = 2 x ATK of attacker - DEF of defender).

There are other factors. The probability of landing a critical hit is affected by the attacker’s and defender’s LUK. If the attack is critical, then there will be 150% damage bonus. If the Aura of the attacker is advantageous to the Aura of defender, then there will be 150% damage bonus. If the Type of the attacker is advantageous to the Type of defender, then there will be 150% damage bonus.

Let’s suppose the attacker is a mage with Fire Aura and defender is a fighter with Nature Aura. Fire is superior to Nature. Mage is superior to Fighter. Therefore, the applied damage will be 225% (150% x 150%) of the base damage. If the attack is critical, then the critical damage will be 337.5% of the base damage.

Apply damage

The damage is given to the defender. Once the HP of a unit becomes 0, then the unit dies.


The battle is for 3 rounds, and if all of the enemy units die, then the dungeon expedition is successful. Successful expedition will give you full reward. In case the expedition is not successful (failed to clear all of the mobs in the dungeon), then the reward will be the small fraction of the successful expedition.

Each dungeon has different values of Gold bounty for the dungeon and XP reward for the dungeon. Difficult dungeons will have more reward.


Hero cooldown

Each hero needs to go back to the HQ after the battle. During the time they return, they are not available to be re-deployed and level up.

Dungeon cooldown

When the monsters are vanquished, it takes time for them to come back. This makes the dungeon unavailable for a certain amount of time. This dungeon cool down usually takes less than the cool down of the heroes. That’s the reason why it is beneficial to have multiple heroes for the maximum efficiency.

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