Investfeed the Next Generation Investment Network

InvestFeed a social trading platform is no stranger to investment atmosphere but the use of the US equities has greatly limited its growth and thats the reason why they have opted to adopt and integrate the use of cryptocurrencies which is one of the fast growing financial assets today. The use of cryptocurrencies opens its market literally which makes any investments going through its platform to be run smoother and expand faster.

What is InvestFeed all about? In a nutshell this is simply the Next Generation Social Investment Network for Crypto currencies. The Investment Network of investFeed is a peer to peer network comprised of “feeders,” users who discuss, share, and reward FEED to each other, and “companies” who purchase FEED to boost their posts.

investFeed is built from the ground up and doesn’t have to rely on brick and mortar locations to carry out its operations as its platform is sufficient for this job. investFeed is a platform, a token, and a suite of tools for developers, investors, traders and crypto currency enthusiasts looking to build better tools and applications.

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Token sale is already underway which opened up on the 23rd of July 2017 will end on 7th august 2017. During the token sale FEED’s token IFT will be issued which is built on the ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 based token. For this project to take off a minimum collection target of 1500 ETH has been set with a maximum (hardcap) of 28000 ETH is the projects target to bring in all financing and make development much easier . At the time of writing InvestFeed ICO has already raised over 10500 ETH which implies this project is taking off as the minimum required funds as beenn met!

From a total of tokens Five percent of total tokens will distributed between core team members. Two percent for advisors and two & a half percent for marketing campaign, and one & a half goes to bounty participants.

Remember to do your due diligence before investing in any ICO as there is always risk involved and value of the coin could fluctuate any time. For more information about the InvestFeed platform and its project visit the links below:


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Author: shawn