OpenANX joins the many other existing exchanges with a decentralised hybrid crypto currency exchange platform. The year 2017 has seen the rise in the number of decentralized exchanges but few of them allow participants full control of their tokens via the smart contracts based applications.

Some of the reasons why users should consider migrating to Open ANX, is decentralized exchanges of today lack activity and liquidity which does not accommodate for the general population.

What separates OpenANX from the rest 
The project will be built on a transparent, decentralized and fully open source platform unlike the existing centralised exchanges that run closed systems which have limited access protocols and visibility of security to its users and only known to owners.
Open ANX will stimulate trading volumes to make it easy for new cryptocurrency users to get on board unlike the first introduced decentralised exchanges which failed to properly provide liquidity and trade volumes for their users.

OpenANX recently had a token sale and investors were to eager to invest in this promising project which got an overwhelming response which allowed the project sale out its 13 million tokens. All good things must come to an end and the openANX ICO is one of them. The ICO was a great success such that it sold out in less than a fortnight and managed to raise 18.76 million dollars for development of its project.

On a technical standing point open ANX will be built on the Ethereum blockchain network which will incorporate some of its stronghold of its existing model to the existing decentralised exchange platform. The openANX exchange platform will be used to also provide a dispute settlement system which will be legally binding to ensure that the needed consumer protection is in place.
Other benefits of project include Risk Transparency, Asset Gateways, Dispute Resolution, Aggregated Order Books, Participants, Open ANX Foundation .

FUN-FACT : the openANX token (OAX) is an ERC20 token developed to help build a decentralised open source exchange platform which will provide an added book order to increase liquidity and also maintain a business gateway to reduce credit risk. The platform will have a system of default resolution and decentralised disputes governed by the Autonomous Decentralized Organization (DAO) to maximise consumer protection.

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As the open ANX project continues to unfold, you have some key milestones along the way to look forward to, as for the year 2017 Working Group Setup and User Group Signup are what to lookout for in this last quarter.

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