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Playing with Docker and Lightning


This article aims to play with “Lightning” on the “cyphernode” backend as well as explorer “docker” and figure out how it all works with the proxy etc. Now, let us be upfront and clear we know nothing about “docker” we will be learning and as we go and making a lot of mistakes and most probably doing everything wrong but that is ok, that is how we learn.

Also, this is not essential reading as it is purely a research article offering tertiary information on our journey. …

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This guide aims to program a website to accept Bitcoin. In the previous tutorial, we set up and configured “cyphernodewhich is an excellent dockerised bitcoin and lightning full node plus other useful. Now we are going to set it up to use specifically for our requirements. Namely as a commerce backend for websites.

Configuring cyphernode

We are going to make a number of changes to the tutorial in the previous “article” which was simply showing how to get “cyphernode” working in its default set up.

Remove Lightning

As we do not natively support it yet

Prune the blockchain

As we are using it to do as…


Up to this point, we have looked to handle everything ourself, you know with “self-sovereignty” and all. That said over the course of the year (or so) we have run into a number of promising projects that were aligned with our goals whilst simultaneously making the software stack for Bitcoin easier to install, use and maintain. This is music to ears so we thought let’s play with a few of them and see what we leverage the output of others much smarter than ourselves.


The first one we are going to look at is “cyphernode” is a modular Bitcoin full-node…

This quick article is an update to the “how I got my tronbet for free” article I wrote some time ago. “Tronbet” is a gambling site with it’s own token that sits int he Tron network.

They made a very important “announcement yesterday which have rattled their community and rightly so.

It is worth noting the last major change they made was moving to a platform so others could build upon their original dice game which lead to the live casino, slots, poker and soon sports betting. When they did this the plan was so ambitious that I did not…


Whilst we are in the testing mode we would like to give away BTC (via lightning) that is right, free money! If you would like free money “tweet” at us with your lightning address and we will send you some :]


This guide aims to program a website to accept “Bitcoin”. In the “previous tutorial”, We tried (and failed) to get a Bitcoin full node up and running with Lightning support to a level that we were happy with.

Bear in mind that we want to use Bitcoin and Lighting in an e-commerce model and this is where we run…

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This brain dump covers my first few months using the Lightning network and my initial experiences. I have been using it for about 3 months now starting with compiling it from source to buying a full node (Casa Node in this case) and here are my initial findings.

Before we get there it is worth noting that I am Bitcoin believer. I am not a maximalist (as such) but I do believe that Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV are poor imitations of BTC and are evolutionary dead ends that did nothing but hardened BTC. …

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This article breaks down the way I earn passive BTC with as little friction as possible. Some of it is county specific for instance I cannot take advantage of PEI as I am not based in the US.

You will also not find any affiliate links in this article, it has not been written to make money or as a “how to” guide for you to follow. It is simply what I use and the justification of why I use it.

Companies I use


This is one of the fastest growing fintech companies in the world and they have an excellent product to…

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This guide aims to program a website to accept “Bitcoin”. In the previous tutorial, We added “strike” as a standalone project. This time we are going to fully integrate it into our “server” and “CDN” (“sr.js”)


The SQL in this release changed a lot as we are now offering multipile payment types we could no longer rely on the BTC address to be the join across the tables. Also because a lightning payment requires an amount which we do not always have we cannot cache a lightning address the way we do a Bitcoin one.

As a result, we implemented…

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At cryptoskillz, we do not like email, at all. On our ongoing battle to destroy it, we have done the usual ban its use internally, open transparent communications etc. However, we decided to take it one step further and only read emails if we are paid to do so. The question is how do we do this in an elegant fashion that does not require any more steps as we are lazy and will not adopt any more steps. This article explains what we implemented.

E-mail servers suck

From the start of this project, we decided that if it required building our own…


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