Important People Behind Spectiv

Many people have shown their hard work to make and maintain Spectiv. The team consists of 8 person. The Co founder CEO of this website is Dylan Senter. He is an entrepreneur who already accomplished many experience in his early life. He has been involved on many businesses for years. Besides giving his hard work to this site, he also be a co founder in Sensytec. It is a smart supplies technology startup, which already receives more than $3M in R&D funding. He also already gains extensive experience on e-commerce. He has operated Amazon safefront (SuperSenter) by his own. In result, he could gain more than $500000 in sales during 2016. By his entrepreneurial achievements, he also got an honor and scholarship in 2015 from the Texas Business Hall of Fame. Marketing, buseiness development as well as growth strategies are all fields that is being his area of expertise.

Other Member of The Team

Other person to succeed the team is the Co founder COO, Nick Ravanbakhsh. Chris Pena is the person responsible for the field of technology. By having many experiences gained before, he could get the chief position of this field. The person in charge of UI developer is Ramon Hernandez. For the Ethereum Development, this site entrust the work to a man named Bryn Bellomy. On the progress of software architect, this site gives a full responsibility to Justin Wood. As the only female on the team, Jasmine Nguyen is responsible to develop the UX. While for the business strategy, this site makes use of the experiences and skills having by Mirza Baig.

The Advisors

A team without advisor would not grow better as when it involves the work of expert. To achieve the best result, this website works under three advisors. The first one is Sheldon Weisfeld. He is the founder of CoinVault ATM. It allows consumers to have a buying and sellng transaction by using the digital crytocurrency . his experience and knowledge on entrepreneurship as well as business development is undoubtedly great. He is one of the prominent figures in the field of Bitcoin.

The second advisor is Adam Richard. He is a force multiplier who has many experiences. He is not only the founder and CEO of Volt Markets but also he also the founder of Houston Bitcoin Meet up. The last advisor is James Duchenne, the founder of Sutton Stone. He also be the representative of the investment board of Mauritus.

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