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Crypto Sportz has officially begun taking bets on the most popular esports. If you’re an esports fan, we’d love for you to come try out our platform!

But hey, maybe you’ve never heard of us and you’re hesitant about throwing ETH down to support your CLG boys. With the meteoric rise of eSports in the past few years, it comes with no surprise that shady organizations have dived into the space to make a quick buck. Fanobet, for instance, has become infamous for scamming its users.

Or maybe you’re new to the cryptocurrency space and just want to see how all this stuff works. …

You asked, we listened:

eSports. The Crypto Sportz team has been watching closely for a while. Not only are we fans, but some of us are tournament-level competitors as well. We started off taking your bets on traditional sports and now we’re glad to announce our foray into eSports, a rapidly growing industry capturing audiences worldwide. We are happy to see these games become part of the mainstream and we want to give fans a new way to enjoy the experience.

Wait… What in the world is an eSport?

Short for electronic sports, they are competitions based on particular video games wherein players must outperform one another based on strategy, execution, reaction speed, and wit. Imagine those nights when you and a friend would be going back and forth in Street Fighter matches; professional players channel that same energy on the big stage where they get to demonstrate their prowess and ingenuity with game mechanics. Whether in a team setting or 1v1, eSports tournaments have had no problem attracting a global audience ready to watch their favourite games get taken to the next level. …

We’ve got an easy way for you to get involved in the wagering hype if you’re hesitant about buying or using your own Ether. To test the waters, you’ll be getting ‘fake’ ether from a test network. This Ether is obviously not worth anything but it’s an easy way for you to try out our platform before wagering for real.

How to do it:

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2. Click the three dots to the right of your account name. …


Crypto Sportz

Support your favourite team and challenge your friends — using Ethereum (ETH) blockchain P2P network.

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