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What is ATLANT?

ATLANT provides two key features: Tokenized Ownership and Peer-to-Peer Rentals aimed at addressing known issues in today’s global real estate. Tokenized ownership will make easy every type of operation with real estate including property investment and ownership transfers. Real estate will represent a portion of the property ownership in which the market will be traded openly. Peer-to-Peer Rentals or P2P is a computer network that shares files over the Internet that will allow to reduce the relevant costs incurred from tenants and owners and minimize the possibility of false information which is a major problem in centralized rental services.


The ATLANT platform is being developed as an open source framework with respect to both P2P network rentals and asset tokenized assets, which continue to operate and trade on etereum networks, independent of platform contributors. ATLANT provides a clean UI, utilizing an EVM contract under the hood. In addition, the token platform (ATL) will be traded. Centralized digital asset exchange as well. Based on Atlant blockchain technology using cryptofinancing (Initial Coin Offering) for capital growth instead of the traditional venture capital and shareholders. We believe blockchain has the potential to help accelerate the adoption of the Joint Economy.

ATLANT is currently using cryptofinancing (Initial Coin Offering) for growth capital rather than traditional vendor capital and shareholders. Holders will be charged in execution of P2P lease transactions and commissions received are distributed among ATL token holders. on 1 August SALE PRE from ATL Atlant token will begin with a limited supply associated with early adopters 1010 by ATL 1ETH ..

ATLANT has the advantage that;
· Can install a free encyclopedia
· Rules are written in contract and must be obeyed
· Can guarantee ownership of assets,
· Transparent
· Ease of investment
· Responsibility for the sale and purchase of tokens
· Low cost offered
· Provision for settlement of transactions that can not be changed.

The owner of the ATLANT Platform has the privilege of:
1. Property owner and developer can perform token distribution to sell some or all tokens.

2. The owner of ALT has full power to determine the commission.

3. Have a vote to decide on the various actions taken.

4. Have the ability to work and earn additional income.

5. Can help further developments to improve the efficiency of real estate globally.

the most popular solution today with the Blokcheyn Ethereum Platform and virtual machine (EVM) which can be distributed based on blockcheyn technology, a computing platform with the function of creating smart contracts. The purpose of ATLANT Platform is to conduct transactions on buyers and sellers from tokenized real estate worldwide. This can be achieved by an integration platform with state registries, based on blockchain technology, without the need to register a separate legal entity for each property.

ATL is a token issued on the Ethereal blockchain. The design follows a widely adopted token implementation standard. This allows token holders to easily store and manage their ATL tokens using existing solutions including Wallet Etereum. The total inventory of the ATL token will be limited to 375,000,000 where 315,000,000 will be issued during the ICO period, and 5.625.000 is allocated for pre-sales, and the remainder handed over to teams, directors, advisors and bounti.

Here are the details of token sales through pre-sales and ICO:
Pre-SalesDate starts ATLANT PRE-SALE is August 1, 2017Exchange rate for PRA-SALE: 1 ETH = 1010 ATLTotal ATL Token: 5,625,000
ICOTanggal start ICO ATLANT is September 7, 2017. Exchange rate for ICO: 1 ETH = 505 ATLTotal ATL Token: 315,000,000
we can know above that at presale we can profit 50% of ico price, therefore we should contribute pre-sale to get many bonus. To contribute Pre-Sales please

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