Swap Trade — Decentralized Trade

According to statistics, only in the year 2018 more than 730 million virtual money was stolen by the hackers.

Cryptoswap which of course is to delete the party known as the “middle man” or “third party” (the medial side) and not to trust anyone, but the greatest crypto Binance trading, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Poloniex we are trading at present still is the “MiddleMan”. But many have found it to be risky, dangerous for comes from the trading focus, see the historical story of Mt. Gox should the trading floor and the gradual decentralization of development to date. This is also the vision and the heartfelt worry comes from the Cryptoswap when technology develops in which the participants in the virtual money markets are increasing but the safety system on the back really worthwhile concerns. Swap Trade with such vision and purpose.

We are developing SwapTrade: a state-of-the-art blockchain-based trading network that will enable the trading of any financial asset in the world. Our bespoke software will allow individuals and institutions to trade directly with one another, creating a balanced playing field where players large and small trade as equals.Trades will be verified on the blockchain, meaning settlements can be completed in seconds, rather than days — changing trading forever.

Decentralized trading — Swap Trade — is a transaction without relying on any third parties or also known as the “middle-man” holds the money. Instead, the transaction takes place directly between the users (peer to peer models) through an automated process. The floor is like a set of pilot ledger dispersion (distributed ledger), are blockchain as the application of conventional, all information about the transaction data are stored on the Swap Blockchain transparent. For non-trading focus Swap Blockchain, everyone involved on this floor and the floor manager not holding user personal information, account balances, portfolio allocation. Swap Trade can effectively perform the swap exchanged regular sequence of token in the system for other (cross-chain technology atomic swaps), the user can maintain control of their property until a transaction completes.

For non-trading focus Swap Trade you do not face the risk of hackers stole money or information, the user is the person who directly owns his money. We can still be attacked by hackers when using the centralized trading floor because it related to the level of private key security. Also with regard to the system of non-trading focus being hacked is probably impossible because when a node is attacked, the remaining node will still function normally. However, it can still attack 51% of cases occur, so please choose a major decentralization floor, scattered high elevation and large communities such as Swap Trade is made.