Step-by-Step Guide: Getting Started with Ethereum Mist Wallet
Attores Pte Ltd

I’ve performed all the steps mentioned above in your article. In total I have three accounts listed on my mist. Two of the three accounts was created within the Mist program and one was transferred from into Mist from myetherwallet website. The account that was transferred into the Mist application from online works excellent with no problems receiving or sending funds. The two accounts that i created within the Mist program aren’t working properly. They allow me to send funds to the account but when i go to transfer the funds or send to an outside party no matter how much gas i use it shows to be processing then i receiving this yellow tab across the bottom right hand corner stating unable to process the transaction. The mist software is sync with the block and it shows there are 11 peers. So I can’t find any other problem solving items out there other than the sync and peer matters in which i’ve already vetted; any help out here on this would be greatly appreciated.