By: Tamara Arzumanova Corinaldi

I first participated in conversations about crypto a little over a year ago when my dad, husband and I passionately argued about what it meant and if it’s wise to invest. Today, I write out the word “blockchain” every single day. No, I haven’t drunk the Koolaid to a level where I’m willing to dismiss obvious hurdles, but I do see so many new possibilities.

Before I joined Melrose PR, I’d devoted my life to creating art, specifically painting and design for Film and Theater. My goal was to add diversity of perspective to the stories…

Written by Kailea King

#BLOCKCON is an annual, two-day blockchain conference helping the blockchain community to connect, learn, grow, and, ultimately, succeed. #BLOCKCON 2018 was bustling with people, activity, and meaningful conversations.

Conferences are perfect for sharing and absorbing knowledge, asking questions, networking and deepening an understanding of the industry.

BLOCKCON 2018 provided guests with the opportunity to hear from experts and thought leaders in the space. Here are some of the speakers who made a splash this BLOCKCON 2018:

Ralph Merkle, the inventor of public key cryptography and Merkle Trees, discussed the idea of extending the human lifespan.


#BLOCKCON is an annual convention held in Santa Monica on 101010 (aka 10/10 @ 10am). It is focused primarily on blockchain technology, innovations and implications. We will be having Naval Ravikant, CEO and Founder of Angel List, and Nassim Nicholas Taleb, former mathematical trader and Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering at New York University, will be speaking. It is geared towards all, from students to professionals, from developers to business executives, and from founders to investors. The 2017 event was sold-out.

This year’s conference marks an important achievement for the future of the industry. Conferences are invaluable for education, sharing…

Written by Melrose PR contributor Suzshi Lang

I want to buy Bitcoin! But where do I even start?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave with no internet access, it’s pretty hard to avoid Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies these days. It’s all over the media, especially with the rollercoaster ride of highs and lows as well as all the speculation on how much more it’s going to rise or fall in the long run.

Where do I begin?

So, how do you even begin to dive into the world of crypto? First things first. Do your research! Start reading everything you can about the subject. Some good resources are: CoinDesk, Bitcoin…

Over past 20 years, a digital world has been built and woven into our world. We use it to summon cars, talk to grandma, arrange industrial logistics, and advertise shampoo. This entire world is made of nothing but code. It all looks like this under the hood:,_with_search.png

Bitcoin is the first kind of money made entirely of code. It allows programmers to manipulate money with the same flexibility and reliability they use to manipulate information. They can split it, merge it, send it around the world, assign percentages to different beneficiaries, pay dividends, anything you can imagine. …

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