CTLcoin Is Now Available on EtherDelta Exchange

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To those of you who are newer to CryptoTradeLine, here’s a quick introduction: CryptoTradeLine (CTL) application is an up-to-date investment program developed on the Ethereum platform. It is most powerful tool for trade and investment in the cryptocurrency market to make Cryptotrading simpler and more available for everyone.

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A decentralized exchange EtherDelta

CryptoTradeLine is now trading on a decentralized exchange EtherDelta!

How To Buy CTLcoin Tokens On EtherDelta.

To use a decentralized exchange EtherDelta you need a wallet that is managed by EtherDelta inside the browser, note that your wallet and private key will be stored in the browser. You can also use MyEthereumWallet, Mist, MetaMask or Parity.

1. To create a new account managed by EtherDelta, Select account in the upper right corner.

2. Select: New account.

3. A pop-up will appear with:

Your public key at the top. This is your sent to address, it’s your Ethereum wallet linked to EtherDelta.

Your private key is at the bottom. Don’t share your private key.

Copy the entire content into Notepad and save the file offline in a safe place.

Transferring ETH The New Wallet

4. Now you need to send Ethereum to this wallet (you send to the public key).

5. Return to EtherDelta

In the BALANCE area, you will see:

Token: This is the symbol for the Tokens you have in your wallet.

Wallet: The balance in your wallet.

EtherDelta: The amount of token you have available to trade inside the EtherDelta exchange smart contract.

Now that you are at EtherDelta with ETH in your wallet, you need to deposit some ETH in your EtherDelta smart contract before you can trade it for CTLcoin token.

Deposit ETH Into The EtherDelta Exchange Smart Contract

6. Once you have ETH is in the wallet managed by EtherDelta, you need to take some ETH out of the wallet and DEPOSIT them in the EtherDelta smart contract.

Don’t deposit the entire amount because:

You will need to have a little amount of ETH in the wallet to pay for the transaction fees.
If you make a mistake in the transaction, your loss will be limited to the deposit amount inside the smart contract.

7. Click on the LINK and you will proceed to purchase the CTLcoin token.

Freely purchase the CTLcoin token on the exchange and take it to your wallet that supports the ERC20 standard.

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