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“Can you do a blog post about the CTN Trust Rating”

Absolutely. Lets begin and lay it out simply.

What is the CTN Trust Rating?

The CTN trust rating is almost akin to an eBay ‘feedback’ rating on a blockchain-backed wallet or transaction. This gives you an indication if the wallet should be trusted or not.

Who will use this rating?

There is a large scope of people that would use this information. The CTN Trust Rating stands to provide extremely valuable information to cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, merchants, debit card issues or KYC services.

How do you come up with the rating?

The rating will be calculated using a lot of different pieces of data including:

  • Reports of fraud/theft
  • Holding, receiving or passing through blacklisted currency
  • Connection to malware or phishing
  • Recipient of large amount of ‘wallet dumps’ within in a short time frame
  • Large amounts of failed transactions
  • Proximity to other high risk wallets

Isn’t the blockchain anonymous?

Yes. However it is also completely transparent. We don’t link any information to an individual; but we can look at and calculate information based on the actions of the transactions they make.

Jim Dowling

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