Participating in the CTN Presale & Token Sale

Note: cryptocurrencies and token sales have inherit risks please do your own research and make your own decisions.

Aligning with the Crypto Trust Network’s upcoming token-sale on January the 22nd (and limited presale) we have prepared a basic tutorial to follow in order to ensure a smooth, easy purchase process.

Presale information:

The CTN token sale is open for a very limited presale until the token sale starts or until 500,000 CTN tokens are sold. The presale is on immediately and offers a 25% bonus on all token purchases. To contribute, simply send ETH to the wallet address found on our site. The presale and 25% bonus will last until reaching the softcap or when the primary sale starts.

Token sale start time:

Monday, the 22nd of January 6PM UK Time (GMT/UTC+0) and will run until Thursday the 22nd of February 2018 (or until the hardcap is reached.)

Token sale information:

Total token supply: 15,000,000 CTN
Total token sale amount: 10,500,000 CTN 
Token sale duration: 1 Month
Price per token: $1USD
Bonus: Yes! (+20% until 2,000,000 CTN tokens are sold)
Residual token sale policy: Minted (we never create more tokens that sell, therefore no burn or destroy is needed) 
*In Ethereum; the rate to be confirmed on the start date.

What will I need?

  • To have checked out our website, whitepaper and terms
  • An understanding of the risks
  • An ERC20 supported wallet which you hold the private key to
  • Ethereum to exchange for CTN tokens

Token purchase guide

Note: this guide assumes you are already a holder of Ethereum. If you’re a first-time crypto purchaser this project is not intended for you.

Recommended wallets:

We have written this step-by-step guide in the highly popular MyEtherWallet however any other wallet that supports ERC20 tokens will work. The process is similar to a standard Ethereum transaction, on the surface it will appear like a normal transaction although in the background you will be interacting with our Smart Contract.

Step 1

Open your wallet of choice, in our example we’re using MEW. From the initial open look for the “Send Ether & Tokens” option.

Step 2

From the MEW Send Ether & Token page select the wallet you wish to transfer from and enter your password.

Step 3

Finally, set your transaction information:

To Address: Our smart contract address, this will be available from our site on this page ONLY. (We can’t wait to build our wallet verification service — we would love to use it right now!)

Amount to Send: Amount of Ethereum you want to use to purchase tokens, you will get 1 CTN per USD of Ethereum you send. The exact rate will be locked in as of January the 22nd.

Gas Limit: This is typically left as default unless you have a desire/knowledge to increase it.

Once you’re finished entering the details simply hit ‘Generate Transaction’ and then confirm. You’re all done. Too easy.

Step 4

All done. Once you contribute Ethereum you will immediately be sent back CTN tokens from our Smart Contract. Keep an eye on our blog for instructions of how to add this token balance to see it.

The Crypto Trust Network Team

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