OnePageX: The most simple exchange?

At the time of writing, the crypto market capitalization is at around 211 billion dollars (CoinMarketCap, 10/21/2018). This shows that it is a very small market with tremendous potential to the upside. But the thing that scares people to buy some Bitcoin and then altcoins is that it looks too complicated and insecure. The following might not be the solution but it is definitely a help to achieve altcoin mainstream adoption: OnePageX.

OnePageX is an exchange that wants to keep it as simple as possible.

“We believe that greatness does not have to come at the cost of complexity”; Source:

You see the complexity in common exchanges when you need to register and fulfill certain requirements to make your first deposit or withdrawal. This can be annoying and frustrating, especially when you need the trade as soon as possible. This led the team to come up with the solution to provide a simple exchange shown up on only one page. In addition to that OnePageX can be integrated on any website. The widgets called OneBox and it can be easily integrated by copying the code and paste it into your template; Source: Furthermore this allows owners of websites to give the customers the possibility to visit his page to change their currency at any time. A feature like this brings extra traffic to your websites. Another use case is the anonymity. You don´t need to write any information about you in order to swap your crypto. In addition to that, the procedure is very easy:

Step 1: Choose Assets to Convert

Step2: Enter a withdrawal address

Step 3: press “Start Exchange”

And there is also a fourth step: after pressing on the “Start Exchange” Button, your deposit address will show up, now send the amount of asset you want to exchange.

You´re done as soon as you´ve sent the asset to the deposit address.

The page is not done yet, they will add more assets in the future. Nonetheless, they already have a nice selection.

Long story short, this exchange will be beneficial for everyone, especially for newcomers and business people. I have tried it for myself and the transaction was accomplished after maximum 5 minutes. The fee is 0.5% but I´d rather see it as a tip for the great job they have done. It helps the altcoin market into mainstream adoption because it helps to prevent the unnecessary complexity. OnePageX is made for people like you and me.