Uptrennd — The New Social Media Platform Taking Crypto by a Storm

Apr 5 · 4 min read

The crypto space as a whole is reinventing the very world as we know it. The growing movement is bringing technological advances in almost every industry. As giant centralized entities have grown in power, its been near impossible for that inevitable power that success brings starting to corrupt the morals of the companies themselves, and end-users start to suffer. Censorship is on the rise, and it’s become apparent that content creators are increasingly wanting to monetize their own content rather than having the centralized entities reaping all the monetary benefits of their data.

It’s abundantly clear that there is a need for a new era of social media…

Uptrennd — Empowering Content Creators & Fostering Community

Uptrennd is a newly launched social media platform that shares a large amount of resemblance to Reddit, that has been experiencing explosive growth recently. The platform boasts a core cryptocurrency incentive structure that rewards both content creators and users who engage content alike. It has a native ERC-20 token called ‘1-UP’ that is built around the core upvoting system, and serves as the platform’s digital currency. Uptrennd has also implemented innovative gamification features with a leveling up system that allows users to earn increased rewards from their upvoted content submissions & comments as they level up their account with the native ‘1Up’ token. Uptrennd will never

Uptrennd’s focus is to stick to the four foundational pillars: Freedom of Speech, Data Security, Equality of Opportunity, & Fair Distribution of Wealth. This is a modern-day movement to directly shift the wealth and power from corporations back to the people themselves. — Jeff Kirdeikis


The project was self-funded by Jeff Kirdeikis who started a group called Cryptocurrency Investing (CCI) on Facebook which boasts an impressive 133k Users as of writing. Uptrennd did not do an initial coin offering (ICO) in order to raise funds, it is a grass-roots self-funded platform. In 2017, Facebook, Twitter & Google banned crypto-based ads which in essence was censoring crypto project advertisers completely. The current social media giants are increasingly censoring content that they don’t approve off whilst essentially selling their user ’s information to make the user themselves the product. Jeff along with the CCI team saw problems with this and other social media platforms and thus, Uptrennd was born to solve the issues currently plaguing all the other social media platforms.

Jeff Kirdeikis’s Overview of Uptrennd.

Use-Cases of Uptrennd’s 1-UP Token

The 1-UP token quite a few uses:

  1. The tokens can be used by a user to level up their own account which unlocks a permanent increase for the reward received for each upvoted comment or post for each additional level up.


The main driving force that brings Uptrennd’s 1-UP token value is going to be the fact that user’s can use the tokens to purchase ad-space on the platform or to boost more traffic to posts on the platform. As the platform grows, there is going to be an increasing number of high-value users to serve the ads to. 80% of all ad space purchased on the Uptrennd website with fiat is used to buy back the 1-UP token from 3rd party exchanges which will benefit all holders of the token.

Youtubers Praise Uptrennd

Quite a few prominent and up and coming Crypto Youtuber’s have already joined Uptrennd. Names such as The Wild Wild West Crypto Show, Scrembo Paul, Crypto Finally, Colin Talks Crypto, LiteLiger, Bitcoin Ben, Omar Bham (Host of Crypt0), and Boxmining are regularly sharing their video content to the platform with positive results. These users have shared that sharing their video content and Podcasts to Uptrennd is generating organic traffic and new subscribers to their channels. This type of content has been among the most upvoted content on the platform which also means that these users are getting great visibility to their content.

Uptrennd Boasts a Higher Rate of Audience Attention Than Leading Social Media Platforms.

Typical visitors on Uptrennd are spending more time engaging content, and viewing more pages daily than users of Facebook, Twitter, Steemit, and Minds.

It’s clear that Uptrennd is a platform that can bring increased visibility & engagements to its’ users content, whilst also providing additional value to its users via cryptocurrency rewards.

If your a content creator or content consumer looking for a great community for crypto-related content to engage with, feel free to check out Uptrennd by clicking here.

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