News Roundup (week #45, 2018)

  1. Bitcoin 10 year anniversary

2. Janet Yellen now owns Bitcoin

3. Ron Paul calls for no crypto tax

4. Bitstamp acquired by NXC

5. Binance signs up 40k in Uganda

6. Coinbase raised $300M

7. Morgan Stanley says crypto is institutional asset class

Binance was the most popular exchange out of those CoinMarketCap monitors. These days many countries are adding their own crypto exchanges that are compliant with the local regulations.

Blockverse Beta, expected to launch later this month, is providing its customers commission free trading. Join their beta access queue now to avoid missing out on commission free trading for life!

On the other hand, exchanges like Zebpay, Unocoin, Koinex & WazirX continue operations as usual and await the decision to prepare for the best solution moving forward.

Billions of dollars are being bought and sold on cryptocurrency exchanges every day. Many of these trades are very high value and can take up to thousands of smaller transactions to be processed. With this volatile asset class, it’s good to take precaution and learn some market strategies before entering.