International Collaboration Between Dutch University and Thai FinTech is honoured by the request of Frank Brock, professor at Zuyd University of Applied Science, to look into the possibilities of building a bridge between and Zuyd University, People & Business Management, for internships abroad.

The idea came forth out of one successful graduation internship in which technology became more present. This was the first student in the history of People & Business Management that graduated through Skype and received his degree while being abroad. Hopefully many more generations of students to come.

We believe that friendship and great working relationships are not bound to cultures, backgrounds, views or skin-color. Each individual is different and instead of trying to generalize, we rather use the power of these differences. Make no mistake, all eyes are in the same direction and we are hungry to succeed, but we let people be themselves while doing so.

Each individual working at will have a certain skillset so that we do not need to rely on other people to get the work finished. Everybody has basic to advanced coding- and design skills for example. We teach each other and have feedback sessions integrated in our workflow. There is always room for growth and further development and dedicates 20% of company’s time to individual development. It provides each individual with the necessary budget, tools and/ or information to develop the skill you choose.

Email us at if you want to know more, apply for an internship or to find out which job openings we have. The coffee is waiting in our office and we always make time to talk about our company, services, working styles and vision.