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Jun 18, 2018 · 6 min read

Programming without writing code

Clicking your code together

Some Programming Languages Are Easier to Understand

exit unless wallets.include? user.wallet

Writing plain text to execute code

Scenario: Eric wants to withdraw money from his bank account at an ATM
Given Eric has a valid Credit or Debit card
And his account balance is $100
When he inserts his card
And withdraws $45
Then the ATM should return $45
And his account balance is $55

So where does Emotiq stand?

How Ring works

# Natural Code
new program {
Accept 2 numbers then print the sum

# Natural Code Implementation
class program
# Keywords
Accept=0 numbers=0 then=0 print=0 the=0 sum=0

# Execution
func braceexpreval x
value = x
func getnumbers
for x=1 to value
see "Enter Number ("+x+") :" give nNumber
aNumbers + nNumber
func getsum
nSUm = 0
for x in aNumbers nSum+= x next
see "The Sum : " + nSum
value=0 aNumbers=[]

How will Emotiq use Ring



Thanks to Michael Draper

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