Part 1 in our series dealt with the possibilities of blockhain on a conceptual level. Part 2 discusses what blockchain can do for you: protecting data and enforcing rules (including transferring assets). Can blockchain do this without compromise? Or is there a certain price that we have to pay? …

You know them, those psychological tests where you hear or see something and you have to spontaneously say what comes to mind. When you hear “distributed trust”, most readers will answer “Blockchain” with confidence. But what exactly is the relationship between blockchain and distributed trust? Is blockchain the only and…

Smals Research devised and developed in detail a blockchain application in the first half of this year. A comprehensive analysis was made, as well as a working proof of concept. This blog post explains the business case and approach at a high level.

The business case

Disclaimer: Different eBoxes are operational in Belgium…

Kristof Verslype

Privacy, crypto & blockchain researcher, speaker & advisor. PhD in Engineering. Working for Belgian government agencies.

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