CryptoVsZombie — Massive Media Coverage: CoinTelegraph,, MarketWatch, TechBullion!

As we are approaching closely to our IDOs Launch dates, we are really thankful and grateful to all our VCs/Partners/KOLs/Community Supporters in supporting us through our start of our Journey!

CryptoVsZombie is the revolutionary Play-to-Earn/ Compete-To-Earn, Crypto Tower Defence on BSC — Seasonal Tournaments to win tokens/rewards!

We built our game around both offensive and defensive strategies, where players engage in epic battles using crypto defence towers and zombie troops to compete in a unique gaming experience. Tokens and NFT rewards will be given to winners in our seasonal tournament. We aim to provide all players with an opportunity to enjoy the game and earn anytime, anywhere with just their mobile device.

Our mission is to be the leading Crypto Tower Defence brand in the GameFi space.

Once again, we are proud to be featured on the following Media Coverage:




To the Moon….. 🌕🌖🌗🌘🌙 !




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Crypto Vs Zombie

Crypto Vs Zombie

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