The hope is that Blockchain can trigger more participatory, collaborative, and inclusive mass logics and that it can become a major tool used to improve current systems.

Source: Ryerson University / Google Groups

Crypto can and will be revolutionary, but until we see clear crypto-based guidelines, we in the community need to be as diligent as possible in how we report crypto transactions.

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The main purpose of software maintenance is to update software application after they are deployed to correct bugs and flaws, improve performance, and adapt to third-party dependencies such as hardware, other software modules, etc.

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Consider for a moment the possibility that in a digital space, where assets can be attached to virtual identities, and the goods and services transacted with those assets can increase the engagement within the system itself.

Image by World Bank Group

Before you start designing your deck, remember to take the time to think about what message you really want to convey to investors. Focus on the big picture: the purpose, the solution and the reward.

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There is ostensibly no logical connection between rhetoric and blockchain until one takes a closer look.

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Garnering enthusiasm for an idea is the easy part. It’s another matter altogether to have the discipline and patience to implement a sound business and legal strategy around an idea.

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