Hodler is a new hardware wallet that supports 350 cryptocurrencies or tokens will be released in the market. Storing your cryptocurrency using your computer or in any trading sites is not safe at all. Recently on March 7 the news impact to the crypto world about the binance of possibly api hack read here for more details. And storing your cryptocurrency in your computers, the higher possible risk of getting lose or hack.

Hodler main features is the built-in security for their consumers while using advance technology to be more secure that possibly hacking happens.


Camera - for scanning QR codes which will be stored on the device.
2.4 or 5.5 inch screen - big enough to display QR codes and give you basic information about the transaction.
SIM slot - which enables Internet access outside of the WIFI network range, with automatic oine mode activated after making or accepting payment.
WIFI - that will enable you to use the wallet when within the range of your trusted network, with automatic offline mode activated after making or accepting a payment.
GPS transmitter - allowing you to track the location of your device if stolen or left unattended away from home. After 2 attempts entering a wrong PIN code when turning the device on, the coordinates of the device location will be sent to the phone number and the email address 
previously registered to the rightful owner.
Built-in battery - this will enable you to use your wallet without access to the electric power supply (e.g. in a shop).
Built-in device memory - allows you to store our 
operating system together with a wallet application on an encrypted password-protected le system, known only to the user.
Sound - audible notications of wallet deposits, with the ability of assigning dierent sound to each cryptocurrency.

Hodler and its Competitor

HODL option for some or all of the funds held - the wallet user can set a restriction on their wallet, choosing which cryptocurrency and for how long they want to hold.

Offline mode.
Sending payment to addresses scanned as a QR code.
Collecting payments using QR codes.
Built-in email client – allowing the payment addresses to be sent and received with the function secured by a PGP key.
Built-in OCR programme for reading payment addresses 
- for both deposits and withdrawals.
Backup system - supported by the original client of a given cryptocurrency, utilising cloud point-to-point le encryption. Backups can be performed for each cryptocurrency separately, in a format that allows recreation of the wallet in the original client of a given cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin - backup can be restored in the original Bitcoin Core client.
Ethereum + tokens - backup can be restored in the original Ethereum Wallet client

This will allow users to be completely independent of our servers in terms of management of their funds, meaning 
their HODLER key will work with wallets issued by the development team of any given cryptocurrency.
Recovery wallet - taking a form of a printable HD key, which will enable users access to their funds after a failure or loss of the device.

What Hodler means:

HODL is an abbreviation of hold on dare life in trading terminology.

HODLER is a crypto currency hardware wallet.

Why they call it Hodler rather than other terms. A few things to consider about this information to educate us. From the trading terminology hodl is an abbreviation of hold on dare life which holding your tokens from the trade even facing the fomo or fear of missing out. The price is not easy to speculate whether pumping or dumping but you keep holding it until you meet your target price. So now the word Hodler is an owner of the hardware wallet or a Hodler owner.

Check the entire project description here:

Websites: https://hodler.tech

Whitepaper: https://hodler.tech/docs/Whitepaper_HODLERF.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HODLER_TECH

Telegram: https://t.me/HODLER_TECH_IN

Referral Link: https://hodler.tech/?mobile=0&fingerprint=0f88ae8d6c5ebc3b99760fbde9cbb4784223213063f0292d20315cc163520b356e5875e1a93376a7289d