DeFi or Decentralized Financial its a new platform that integrated into blockchain technology.

For some project with DeFi concept are geared in different use cases to disrupt the traditional finance market. In this, the data under blockchain are still transparent to the public.

According to data recorded from July 2020 - September 2020. (as written this article 09/30/20). Range $11.045B in just 90 Day Total Value Locked (USD) 8.4M (ETH) 135.8k (BTC)

In this idea, DeFi becomes popular in different use cases. It can be an application such as DEXs, Stablecoins Lending platforms.

In statistic shown above are the…

In crypto currency, digital wallet are the most common when it comes of storing your digital asset. Storing it on exchange is not advisable for every users. Their are some cases of possible hacking, system breach and the exchange decided to close to stop their operation.

Another advantage of having digital wallet is you have the access of your private keys and mnemonic phrase “as a defined a secret group of words that represent a wallet”.

Writing this article to represent this new in cryptocurrency wallet with ease to use and even the newbie users can easily to adopt. Lead…


Qredit vs. Other Platform
Enhanced Blockchain Suite is a unique payments and rewards platform allowing buyers to use their Qredit coins to pay private individuals and/or sellers.

- Qredit is the native currency for Altilly and replaced the "AltillyCoin".
- Qredit is the coin that is needed to apply for listing or other services at Altilly.

Official website:
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The world of cryptocurrency based the project and development using blockchain technology. Numerous tradable token or coins already in exchanges that has a great value. In awareness, people go through buying and selling without having an intrinsic research of the companies goal. Which means they are only based on their own speculations and community manipulated the news. This can cause panic selling and buying, while the information is vague and no relevant source direct to the project developers. …

Blockchain technology defined transparency and security runs by a different algorithm. It is clear that using this technology to a business can be more benefits. A new era of e-commerce, real estate, financial services etc. they are now use blockchain system, for their ways to give more effective in their businesses solutions. A retail store for inventory accuracy and monitoring sales.

Blockchain technology the potential to solve most of the problems that currently businesses face and these problems include:

  • Insecure transactions. Many businesses are at risk of hackers stealing their customer’s money or personal information. …

In crypto trading world lot of us find the best and profitable coins/token to take it for short and long term. Using some sort of strategies fundamental and technical analysis can be a good technique in trading. Fundamentals analysis commonly used to study the companies growth history, further project development, financial statement and its competitors. This can be a guide for investors to read the statistics of the company in terms of growth and financially stable. Therefore, investors and traders, also use technical analysis. This can be complicated on the surface at the first place. Study the supply and demands…

Blockchains Impact The World of Medicines.

Blockchain relays the transparency of data, independence, relevance, and invariability of information. This means the blockchain excludes the possibility of data falsification. Nowadays, a lot of projects is out of the market e-commerce, financial services, data storage platform, real estate etc. They used the advancement of blockchain technology as fairly and friendly to use.

BLockchain in medicine - helps to store the personal data information of patients diagnosis and treatment.

  • Diagnose and treat patients in different clinics, relying on a single information
  • Engage specialist from all over the world
  • Conduct remote consultations and consultations

Blockchain in medical technology and industries…

Hodler the Only ICO with Annual Dividend

It is exciting to announced to the public about the new upcoming hardware wallet in the market. Hodler is a brand new and the most secure hardware wallet using high and advanced technology. Here

Pre ICO is still live runs from 1st March 2018 to 31st March 2018: 40% free Tokens

Nowadays crypto currency is being used for our daily life. All over the world starts using it as a form of payment and trade it in exchanges. Bitcoin is a mother of all cryptocurrency while a new blockchain is spouted ethereum etc. After several years people tried to look for alternative coins that less of transfering fees and convenient to use. And a lot of new coins are now built. Hence, it is minable and you can earn while your out of your home.

Mining can be expensive and its hard to find the source of the rig. Searching along…

Monetize your talent in the photograph, are you a photo enthusiast and like to take a photo to share. A freelance photographer and or a business owner. Photochain is a next generation of selling your photos through the use of new blockchain technology. In this technology using the smart contract, it can provide safe and verifiable transactions. In this, the artist has a chance to sell it peer to peer (p2p) using this platform and without any control of the central authority. Photochain utilizing a platform that fairly distributing through trading of digital works for buyers and seller. …

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