A few days after the Egg Sale as shown in our whitepaper, we’ve done two things A) We’ve distributed ZooKeepers who purchased Eggs using the native $ZOO token a 10% Zoobate (rebate). B) We’ve also burned 1.5 BILLION ZOO Tokens reducing the overall available supply of the ZOO token, which you can view on our contract has gone down from 2,000,000,000,000.

The transaction can be viewed here:



As we continue to build out the ecosystem of ZOO the token will continue to be deflationary, thus reducing the overall available supply of the tokens.

Next up on our immediate roadmap — we’ll be doing three things:

1)Unlocking the CryptoZoo dApp.

2) Allowing ZooKeepers to view their Eggs on the dApp.

3) Allowing people to buy and trade Eggs on the dApp.

For more information, visit our whitepaper at https://cryptozoo-1.gitbook.io/cryptozoo/our-why

Happy Breeding,

CryptoZoo Team

We are thrilled to share that CryptoZoo’s first Base Egg Sale has completely sold out of all 10,000 Base Eggs.

We announced the full unraveling of CryptoZoo and the base Egg Sale back in mid August, a full next-generation on-chain game that incorporates NFTs and various Cryptocurrencies seamlessly in the…

What came first: the Hybrid or the Egg? For nearly 7 months, we’ve been working tirelessly on actualizing CryptoZoo! It all begins with our Eggs, and we’re pleased to announce CryptoZoo’s first official Base Egg Sale!

CryptoZoo is an autonomous ecosystem that allows ZooKeepers to buy, sell, trade, and breed…

CryptoZoo: Genesis Smart Contract Update:

While we anticipated some community traction, we definitely didn’t expect 11,000 new holders within 1 week of our announcement of CryptoZoo. This is an amazing accomplishment and we’re so happy with the positivity around the community.

First and foremost we’d like to thank everyone for…


https://cryptozoo.co/ CryptoZoo is an autonomous ecosystem where users can collect, breed, and trade exotic animal hybrids on the blockchain.

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