Cryptrade’s Weekly Development Report — December 15, 2018

December 9, 2018 — December 15, 2018

This Week

Test and release the coin listing vote system.

This week we made the final test on our vote system and vote discord bot and released it. Now you can visit to vote for your favorite coins. In addition, discord users can also vote by some commands in our discord server and get some rewards by their votes.

Development of DEX

Development of DEX is still going on. We will make a detailed report about the development progress in next week’s weekly report.

Fix some bugs of GUI wallet which were reported by some users this week.

We’re working on fixing the bugs, but for some reasons, it is not completed this week and be postponed. But we will do our best to finish it ASAP.

Launch a signature campaign on bitcointalk.

Our signature campaign was launched. View more details:

Seek some cooperation with other projects.

Since our vote system is already online, we got in touch with some coins’ communities this week. We listed around 10 new projects on the voting list and at present, more than 1,000 real people have participated in the voting, and we are building an active community.

Discuss cooperation with some investors in mainland China.

Yes, we are looking for some partners in mainland China. We expect to start promotion activities in China at the end of this month, including the establishment of QQ group and WeChat group about our project.

Next Week

  1. Signature Campaign Management
  2. Development of DEX
  3. Test and Release the Frontend of DEX
  4. Fix the bugs of GUI wallet.
  5. Pay for the update fees on MNO(Since we almost reach 45000 blocks)