Cryptrade’s Weekly Development Report — December 22, 2018

December 16, 2018 — December 22, 2018

Signature Campaign Management

We launched Cryptrade Signature Campaign this week. And as of press time, 45 bitcointalk members participated in our signature campaign. We have already compiled statistics on the participation in the first week.

Development of DEX

In order to cooperate with the development of our frontend, this week we developed and deployed the APIs of the development environment, the URL is Fours methods are available : /coins, /markets, /trading-pairs, /wallets.

Test and Release the Frontend of DEX

We basically completed the development of the frontend pages and are currently undergoing intense debugging. All commits were pushed to the development branch.

Fix the bugs of GUI wallet.


Pay for the update fees on MNO(Since we almost reach 45000 blocks)

We have already paid for the update fees on MNO and waiting for the update.

Bounties Distribution

We have already paid the translation bounty, bitcointalk bounty and twitter bounty to all participants. But we found that in the disocrd invite bounty, too many inviters invited fake and new registered accounts to our discord server. So we need more time to count the invitation data and the distribution of invite bounty is postponed. We will announce the final results in the discord server next week.

Next Week

  1. Christmas Promotion & Airdrop
  2. Development of DEX
  3. Release the Frontend of DEX
  4. Deploy a witness node of bitshares for production env.