Cryptrade’s Weekly Development Report — December 8, 2018

December 2, 2018 — December 8, 2018

This Week

Free Airdrop to Bitshares Trades

We’ve got over 25,000 accounts on the bitshares network who’ve been trading in CryptoBridge, ESCODEX, OpenLedger and etc. in the last month. We gave away 0.1 CRCO(BRIDGE.CRCO) to each of these users for free. The effect of airdrop is very obvious, our website traffic has improved significantly after this. And there’re more people join our discord server after this too. All of this is done through our automated airdrop program which has been written by Tony.

Discord Bots

We created two discord bots to display the CRCO’s price and the BTC’s price in Cryptrade official discord server. We get the latest CRCO price from CryptoBridge’s public markets API and the latest BTC price from CoinMarketCap’s public API, both of them are updated every minute.

Coin Listing Vote System

We reconstructed the official website and added a voting system to it. And we also developed a discord vote robot, so users can vote on their favorite coins in the discord server with simple commands, which is very convenient. The part of development has been basically completed, and we expect to release it on Monday or Tuesday.

DEX Frontend (Cryptrade-ui)

This week, we synchronized the latest release of bitshares-UI(v2.0.181129) to our develop branch. Of course, we have also made a series of optimizations and modifications to the frontend UI. You can view the commits we submitted on the github:

DEX Gateway

This week we continue to develop the exchange gateway. The main work is focused on the generation of bitcoin’s multi-signature addresses, the function of deposit and withdrawal. Because Bitcoin is the most important cryptocurrency in an exchange, so we are developing a light wallet to handle the address generation, deposit, and withdrawal, the code is written in nodejs.

Listing on Statistics Website

This week, CRCO has been listed on five cryptocurrency statistics websites: MNO, Delta App, CoinGecko, Coinlib, Livecoinwatch.

Next Week

  1. Test and release the coin listing vote system.
  2. Development of DEX
  3. Fix some bugs of GUI wallet which were reported by some users this week.
  4. Launch a signature campaign on bitcointalk.
  5. Seek some cooperation with other projects.
  6. Discuss cooperation with some investors in mainland China.