Cryptrade’s Weekly Development Report — February 16, 2019

February 10, 2019 — February 16, 2019

Test the Withdrawal and Deposits of the DEX.

95% of the testing has been done in this week. We expect to officially launch our dex next week. Thank you for your continued support. And we’re always working hard on our project and fulfill our promise.

Distribute all the rewards for Account Registration Bounty.

Planned delay, will be distributed in next week when the deposit is open.

Deloy production system of deposit and withdraw modules.

Part of the deposit and withdraw modules of the dex has been deployed online, we will open the deposit and withdraw once all the tests have been done next week.

Next Week

  1. Deploy the whole system under production env.
  2. Open the withdrawal and deposit of the DEX. (Official release of the DEX)
  3. Add BTC, BTS, and CRCO trading pairs and list the coins which have been chosen from the vote.