Cryptrade’s Weekly Development Report — January 5, 2019

December 30, 2018 — January 5, 2019

Our first weekly report in 2019. Happy New Year Everyone!

Development the API Service of DEX

We completed the development of the framework of the API service, and deployed the code with domain: Although you may not have direct access to the API service. But our UI in development env which was also released this week is interacting with this API service.

Release the Frontend of DEX

As you can see, we released the Frontend of DEX, this week: All user interaction features have been completed, including deposit-withdraw page, dashbaord page, balance page, exchange page, market page and etc. And what’s more, three markets were added in our DEX: BTC market, CRCO market, BTS market.


Deploy a faucet for registration in production env

We plan to deploy a faucet for registration this week by using the faucet project which was developed by bitshares team: But we found that it’s better for us to develop a new faucet service into our API service. Thus we don’t need to maintain two projects, we just need to maintain and develop one. And we will develop the new faucet service next week

Deploy a BTS Node in production env

We deployed a BTS node in production env, it will provide the connection between our API service and bitshares network.

Next Week

  1. BugFix and Improvement of the Frontend
  2. Develop the withdrawal and deposit service
  3. Develop a new Faucet into the API service.