Crypto Point of Sale Perspective

Enrique Gomez — CTO for Cryptune

Cryptune Universal POS has a proven business model that Cryptune LLC’s founders have been following for more than 20 years. It’s a mobile software that works with FIAT and now it has integrated CRYPTO (accepting more that 1,000 different coins and tokens, thanks to a strategic partnership with

Some people might be skeptical on the project due to the current market we are experiencing, and trust me I don’t think crypto is disappearing any time soon, but even if it did, the Cryptune Universal POS would continue to run handling traditional FIAT transactions.

The Point of Sale industry alone is a US$47 Billion market NOW and it is expected to grow to US$116 billion in the next five years!

Through it’s universal POS, Cryptune LLC would help the crypto community to grow by providing a strong reward system where the consumers get 3% back from their purchase in CPT Token, Cryptune LLC’s utility token which will be listed in many crypto exchange sites such as hitBTC, CoinBene and BitBay in the first quarter of 2019, every time a purchase is made using the Cryptune Digital Mobile Wallet, the Crypto market is expected to grow from 40 million users to 1 billion in the next 5 years and Cryptune LLC expects to help accelerate this process by bringing more people, casual crypto users to coin a term, to the crypto community through the Cryptune Universal POS.

Cryptune Digital Mobile Wallet is Beta

Cryptune LLC is currently in it’s ICO for the CPTS token, which is Cryptune’s security token, which will be backed by none other than Bancor.networks to offer less volatility and provide value stability to CPTS token holders, which by having CPTS also have Cryptune LLC shares.

I know that many you have seen the value in your coins fall in this market, but guys this is not just another token with another idea, it has a model the although tied to Crypto does not depend on it to succeed. For more information you can check out Cryptune LLC’s site at