Cryptune Announces Token Launch Date of November 15, 2018

Cryptune — state-of-the-art POS systems with cryptocurrency payment options

Hackensack, N.J: Cryptune LLC, a US company specializing in cryptocurrency enabled Point-of-Sale Systems software and hardware development, announced today, November 15, 2018 will be the launch date of the CPTS security token offering.

Cryptune’s mission is to revolutionize the Point-of-Sale Technology Industry through passion, innovation and our entrepreneurial drive to help businesses of all sizes to succeed with our state-of-the-art POS software combined with lower transaction fees for the user.

By combining Point-of-Sale system experts with transaction, network security and cryptocurrency experience, Cryptune is creating a state-of-the-art solution for retail and restaurant owners across the globe to the coming age of digital currencies and a cashless society.

Cryptune brings the latest in POS technology and adds leading edge cryptocurrency enabling functions, taking the point-of-sale industry into the future. Features including SMS notification for suspicious activity & EOD reports, secure & stable OS (iOS), selection of peripherals (wireless credit card reader, wireless barcode scanner, wireless thermal printer), cloud-based system, 24 /7 customer service, credit card processing; even without Internet connection, free placement option when a three-year credit card processing contract is signed, etc.

Security Tokens — STO’s

Security tokens are regulatory compliant offerings that are subject to federal security regulations with proper disclosures on the blockchain. Instead of buying shares one is buying a token that represents ownership in an asset like real estate or equity in a company.

Benefits of Security Tokens

— Quicker liquidity

— Global access to new markets

— Reduced cost — lower fees

— Instantaneous value transfer 24–7; trades are settled in real time

Cryptune’s CPTS

Cryptune LLC, a Delaware corporation, is offering shares in an ERC-20 security token or equity token (CPTS) of Class B Common Stock (“​Common Stock​” or “​Common Shares​”) only to investors that are not “U.S. Persons”, outside the United States: pursuant to SEC Regulation S. Dividends will be paid when, as and if declared by the Company’s board of directors (“​Board”) end of Q1–2020.

The token offering seeking to raise $24 million USD in total funding with the STO beginning November 15, 2018. All investors will go through KYC/AML with Cryptune partner, a software platform providing technical solutions with unmatched security for crowdsales.

More information is available at

About Cryptune LLC

Cryptune LLC is a U.S. point-of-sale hardware and software provider based out of Hackensack, NJ. Cryptune provides businesses of all sizes in the restaurant and retail sector advanced point-of-sale systems that allow for cryptocurrency enabled payment options.

Safe Harbor Statement:

Some of the statements in this document constitute forward-looking statements. Even though Cryptune LLC believes in the road-map deliverables in presented documents Cryptune LLC cannot guarantee any outcome. There can be no guarantee to any participant of future profits, liquidity or any return on investment. Any investment in a startup company faces many risks including but not limited to the adoption rate of Cryptune LLC software and hardware, market volatility, competitive factors, regulation, attacks on the Etheruem Blockchain, cryptocurrency exchange security breaches or any other unforeseen occurrence within or outside of Cryptune’s control.

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