Cryptune Set to Disrupt the POS Industry with Cryptocurrency Enabled Systems

Cryptune, a true, complete point-of-sale solution to payment processing for the customer who wishes to purchase goods or services with cryptocurrency and for the merchant who’s looking for an easy way to accept crypto payments and save on transaction fees.

The mass adoption of cryptocurrency into mainstream, day-to-day, business transactions is being delayed due to slow transaction times, volatile cryptocurrency values and high transaction fees. Cryptune plans to change all that with by bringing current point-of-sale systems into the cashless future and the web 3.0.

Introducing the Cryptune Universal Point of Sale Ecosystem

The Cryptune Ecosystem will offer users a series of proprietary hardware and software including a Point of Sale (POS) system for small businesses, a mobile wallet and custom debit card for end users, an online web portal that will rival corporate industries and a reward program inclusive to all Cryptune POS merchant fueled by the ‘CPT’ reward token.

Cryptune’s all-in-one POS payment solution will benefit consumers, merchants and entrepreneurs alike.

Consumers — Cryptune will give to consumers a one payment method solution. A universal ecosystem for all purchases regardless of where purchases take place around the world at a lower cost.

Merchants — Cryptune will offer merchants dynamic POS solutions with lower fees, cutting edge cryptocurrency payment capabilities, real time transactions, inventory and reporting controls and more.

Entrepreneurs — Cryptune will offer business savvy entrepreneurs an opportunity to bring tomorrows technology to merchants today by creating their own network of the Cryptune Ecosystem.

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