A Quick Introduction to Internships

College students “internships” are very important, because they substantially increase the chance of graduates finding employment.

With the current job field for recent college students more competitive than ever, internships have become increasingly important for students and employers. Lots of companies hire interns as a way to identify talent for future hires. Students with internships gain valuable hands-on experience, which improves their skill set and can serve to differentiate them from the competition.

Internships help students get their foot in the door. Internships are imperative, especially for highly-sought after fields. Once students make it inside, it is up to them to network like crazy. They must fill their rolodex up with contacts they can send resumes too later.

Employers love to have interns and volunteers. It allows them to “try out” a potential employee to see if they will fit into the culture of the organization and if the skills they have or can develop are what the employer is looking for.

Here few major types of Internships:

· Externship

· Services Learning

· Practicum

· Filed Experience

· Apprenticeship

· Corporative education

If you are trying to decide between a summer or winter internship with or public accounting firm, there are a few things you need to consider. it doesn’t make a big difference between the two time periods, because you’ll most likely get an offer as long as you have a good attitude and don’t screw everything up.

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