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Aug 9 · 3 min read

The Crypviser community has been a staple for Crypviser. They know Crypviser is not a Get Rich Quick scheme, and was never intended to be one. They know we stand behind our product and technology, and that we all feel very strongly about what we are achieving, and what we have already achieved. They also know that the technology developed by Crypviser wasn’t only intended to be implemented in an Instant Messenger, this was never our End Goal, it is only the beginning.

We do not only share an investment in time and money, we also share a common purpose, a belief if you will. That everyone has the right to privacy and everyone has the right to be secure in their communications, be them voice, data, Human to Machine, etc. This is Crypviser End Goal, to be the frontrunner in protecting privacy and security for people, IoT devices, machines etc.

We have taken our first step, it was a long, hard, strenuous first step but it has been reached.

We would like to share with you what that first step achieved.

Therefore we felt it would be good to share some growth statistics with you, so you could see how Crypviser is gaining ground, not only in the B2B market (MissionSpace, SecNews), but also in the B2C Market.

The first BETA version of Crypviser Secure Messenger was released for iOS/iPhone in July 2018, just over one year ago. From the BETA release July 12 until the beginning of January 2019 there were:

  • 2700 — Crypviser Beta App downloads
  • 1850 — Registrations in the Crypviser Network
  • 120 — Active daily users

The official release for iOS/iPhone was 07 January 2019, and the following official release for Android took place on the 20 May 2019.

Since January 2019 to — 01st August 2019 we have seen steady growth of Crypviser user base.

Current Stats, 01st August 2019

  • We have had over 31.500 app downloads.
  • 19000 registered users in the Crypviser Network.
  • Over 8000+ monthly active users.
  • The weekly growth is +35–42% .
Stat on 01st August 2019

Weening people off the use of Free Messengers is an uphill battle. However, it is a battle we are winning.

Getting companies to adopt new technology is a time consuming task. However, in this too we are gaining ground.

We would like to thank the Crypviser Community for their support, loyalty, perseverance, and downright stubbornness.

Thank You All.

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