Denouncement of “Partnership”

Crypviser Blog
Oct 13, 2019 · 2 min read

FGA Partners and MegaHoot Fail to meet obligations.

Crypviser has always prided ourselves with our transparency. Even though we offer the world the possibility for Anonymous Instant Communications, we ourselves have always been transparent to our community, and customers.

With that being said we are offering this statement denouncing the Partnership announced within the Press Release dated, August 22nd 2019, in which MegaHoot and FGA Partners, on their own accord released.

This press release spoke of FGA Partners acquiring a Minority Interest of Crypviser, and creating a strategic partnership. However FGA Partners have failed to fulfil any of the terms written within this agreement to the point of a complete communication break down, disregarding agreed upon meetings, failure to provide LLC documentation, and a total disregard to any e-mails sent.

Crypviser even went as far as to extend FGA partners obligations in the agreement due to difficulties brought up durning hurricane Dorian. This too however, was meet with indifference.

Crypviser has come to the realisation that FGA Partners looked at Crypviser as just another Cryptocurrency company, one that would welcome the Hype over their project, and in turn would be an easy way for Megahoot to garner some publicity. However, Crypviser is a real world company, with a real a world application and technology, not just a run-of-the-mill basement based cryptocurrency.

Crypviser is a legally registered company within Germany, and therefore must follow the laws and regulations within the E.U.

Upon asking for legal registration paperwork from FGA Partners, they balked.

Crypviser will be following up with FGA Partners by consulting with legal counsel in preperation for legal actions.

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