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The Problem

Despite the many benefits that blockchain has, in recent years problems with the use of this technology have come to rise. For instance, the fact that a single bitcoin transaction consumes huge computing power and with that energy which could take its toll to the environment. Further, when compared to traditional payment systems, it is still far easier to pay with cash and debit or credit cards because bitcoin transactions can take hours to “finalize”.

Use Case

The team behind Tolar aims to make it the leader in the Distributed Ledger Technology as well as to become the preferred solution by private organizations and governments for their cryptocurrency needs. Tolar leverages the HashNET technology to provide a fair and fault tolerant solution where no mining is required. This results to less usage of computing resources and ultimately less energy usage.

The platform is a work-in-progress scalable platform that is secure and and fast with speed of 200K+ transactions per second. Also, the project is designed from the ground up as a payment solution that can compete with Ethereum. In the future, the project will be able to host other projects and DApps.

Token Metrics

• Token Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 TOL
• Tokens available for sale: 35%

• Sale Allocation:
→ Private sale: 21%
→ Pre-sale: 5.25%
→ Main Sale: 8.75%

• Hard cap: 35 million USD / Soft cap: 10 million USD

• Presale: ongoing until 31 Aug 2018 / Main sale date: no information

• Token Allocation:
→ Contributors: 35%
→ TOLAR Development Fund: 32%
→ Founders: 20%
→ Proof of Stake Network Start Nodes: 8%
→ Developers: 2.5%
→ Advisors: 2.5%

There are no officially published information relating to vesting. What happens to unvested tokens, we can only guess. The same goes with token distribution dates, and when the tokens will get listed in crypto exchanges.


— Q2: alpha launch of HashNET whitepaper and alpha launch of mainnet
— Q3 2018: ICO
— Q4: Chain explorer and mobile wallets
— Q2 2019: launch of HashNET chain (main net) and eventual switching of mainnet to HashNET protocol
— Future development: Smart Contract implementation

Our evaluation is that the developments seem too slow. We fear that this will lead to the momentum stalling.

Tolar Team

Josip Maricevic, Co-founder and CTO
Relevant experience include: 2 years experience in blockchain and related consensus algorithms, atomic cross-chain swaps and off-chain settlement protocols.

Drazen Kapusta, Co-founder and Principal
He is the current president of Blockchain Adria, the largest blockchain conference in Central Europe. Twenty one years as principal at COTRUGLI Business School where he helped develop the school’s Blockchain MBA program and Certified Blockchain Developers Program.

Mario Vojvoda — CIO
His background is telco industries and he served as T-Mobile Croatia’s Director of IT.

Martin Zagar
He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science and an EMBA degree. His other interests include computer architectures, multimedia, and telemedicine.


Valerio Opacic, Access and Security Services
He has decades of experience working in the Access and Security Services industry. His current responsibility is the Security of the Hashnet protocol.

Manuel Alonso Coto, Ph.D.
Current director of different departments at IE Business School: Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Customer Oriented Services.

Peter Merc, Ph.D.
He has a Masters in Corporate law, a PhD in Banking law and is co-founder of a legal consultancy firm in Slovenia. He legally advises many organizations including: CargoX, Trusted Health, Robotina, Blocksquare, Eligma, DataFy, and Ace.Trade.

The project has a strong team and advisors. They are people who have relevant experience in technology both in the academic and the industry itself. They participate in various activities (i.e. heading conferences) that aim to promote blockchain awareness.

Investors and Partners

Not published.

Cryptzilla Final Score

After evaluating this ICO using as metrics the information presented above and its current progress, we give it 3 out of 5 points. Especially with current market conditions I would not invest into any ICO unless it’s a sure bet. In this case, it simply isn't.

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