Digitizing collaboration in midst of a pandemic.

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Design is a highly collaborative practice, many of us are used to sitting in a meeting room with our colleagues, defining problems and writing ideas on sticky notes. However, many teams have found themselves working from home due to a global pandemic, and it’s predicted to become the primary way to work for many when this all blows over. So, what does this mean for collaboration and working as a team? Here are some tips for facilitating a successful remote design sprint.

Facilitation tips

1. Consider time constraints and plan ahead ⏰

Once the attendance list is confirmed, you want to ensure people are available to participate in the sprint. Be mindful of the team members who may have extra responsibilities while working from home, like watching their children. To do this, you should send out invites and hold a time slot in the attendees’ calendars 3–4 weeks in advance, and try your best to accommodate if needed. …


Crystal Chu

Product Designer @ Capital One. Self-taught designer. UX and potato enthusiast.

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